What are the Main Factors That Cause Construction Accidents in Atlanta?

Construction is a dangerous profession. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), construction workers suffer more fatal injuries than any other profession. Every year, there are hundreds of deaths and thousands of injuries in the construction law industry. Sadly, many of these accidents are actually preventable if the proper safety precautions are taken. Therefore, it is essential to hire an Atlanta construction accident lawyer if you are injured in a construction accident.

Several factors contribute to construction accidents. We will now see some of the most common factors that cause construction accidents in Atlanta.

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  • Electrocution

Electrocution is actually one of the main factors that caused construction accidents in Atlanta. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has set regulations to protect workers from electrocution, but many employers do not follow these regulations. Electrocution can cause serious injuries, including death. In order to reduce the number of construction accidents caused by electrocution, employers should follow OSHA’s regulations, and workers should be aware of the dangers of electrocution.

  • Collapsed structures

When a structure collapses, it can cause workers to fall and be injured, or worse. In addition, collapsed structures can also damage equipment and other property. As a result, it is important for construction workers to be aware of the dangers that collapsed structures pose and take appropriate safety precautions.

  • Compressed gases

Construction workers are susceptible to compressed gas accidents because this type of accident can often go unnoticed.  Compressed gases are a leading factor in construction accidents in Atlanta.  While compressed gases can be used safely, they also pose a serious threat when not handled properly. One reason that compressed gases may cause construction accidents is that the workers may not be aware of the dangers associated with these gases.

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  • Mechanical hazards 

Construction workers in Atlanta are at risk for a number of different types of accidents. One of the main factors that lead to these accidents is the presence of mechanical hazards. These hazards can include things like moving parts on machines, tools that are not properly guarded, and power lines. In order to reduce the risk of construction accidents, it is important for employers to take steps to protect workers from these hazards.

  • Exposure to toxic substances

Hundreds of construction workers are injured each year in Atlanta, many as a result of toxic exposure. Studies have shown that exposure to lead, asbestos, and other harmful substances is the leading cause of construction accidents. These substances can cause a variety of health problems, including lung cancer, heart disease, and chronic bronchitis. In order to prevent these accidents, it is important for employers to take steps to protect their workers from exposure to these toxins.

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