Unlocking Professional Success With an Online MBA in Human Resources

An MBA in HR can be a valuable investment for individuals wanting to advance their careers. The degree can help individuals hone their interpersonal problem-solving skills and shape organizational culture.

Students pursuing an online MBA in HR may also gain an understanding of strategic business practices and employment law. In addition, the degree may prepare them to obtain an SHRM certification.


There are several career paths to choose from when earning an advanced degree. Two of the most popular are a Master’s in HR and an MBA. Both are offered online and offer an opportunity to expand your knowledge of modern business practices.

Online programs typically require a minimum of 60 credits and take two years to complete. Depending on the school, some also offer accelerated programs that allow students to graduate in one year. In addition, some offer specialized courses in areas like training and development, talent acquisition, and organizational development.

To select the best online MBA program for your career goals, consider factors such as tuition costs, course offerings, and career support services. Then, evaluate a school’s reputation and accreditation. Look for a program that aligns with your professional goals and offers a specialization in HR. Also, explore financial aid resources and scholarships available for graduate students. These may help reduce your overall tuition costs.


A master’s degree in human resources management online can prepare students for careers in leadership, training and development, and organizational change. These roles often require a bachelor’s degree in business administration or a relevant field. Students should look for accredited programs from a recognized accrediting agency, affordable tuition rates, and an online learning platform.

Students will study business fundamentals like data analysis, corporate finance, and accounting. They will also take courses in the human resources field, such as labor and employment law, alternative dispute resolution, organizational training and development, and compensation management.


An online MBA in human resources can be earned at business schools that offer high-quality courses and student support. Depending on the program, students can complete core business courses like economics in the global economy, financial management, marketing management, and strategic management alongside organizational behavior, talent acquisition, employment law, and human resources management courses.

These degree programs are commonly sought by aspiring managers interested in learning more about group dynamics and factors that influence employee satisfaction and productivity. They also appeal to experienced HR professionals who wish to secure advanced managerial positions that pay significantly more than entry-level HR specialist roles.

An online MBA with a human resources specialization helps graduates hone problem-solving and interpersonal skills vital in a business environment. Choosing a program that matches your career goals and budget is essential. Graduate tuition varies, and the school may charge additional fees for things like a one-time matriculation fee, technology and distance learning course fees, assessment and graduation fees, student services fees, and capital improvement fees.

Job Opportunities

A master’s degree in human resources can qualify you to work in many different industries and environments.

MBA graduates can find positions as human resources managers, compensation and benefits managers, training and development specialists, and more. 

Students who are still determining if they want to stay in the field of human resources may consider an MBA program with a business management concentration. These programs provide foundational business skills and incorporate topics like leadership and marketing into the curriculum. This can prepare you to manage various business functions and drive organizational change.