Turn Old Collectible Items into Extra Cash

Cleaning up the clutter in your home can be more than a relief. It can also be profitable. As you clear out belongings you haven’t thought about in years, take stock of some of those old collectibles and find out if there’s any value to them.

As you go through old boxes and bins that have been relegated to the basement or the back of the closet, keep an eye out for things like old silver and gold jewellery, watches, coins, trading cards, and even old paper bills.

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Old Canadian Bills

You’ve probably heard of people selling their silver coins, but what about old Canadian bills? Unlike coins, which can get dirty but stick around for a very long time, paper bills wear out rather rapidly and have to be taken out of circulation, which can make some of them harder to come by.

As of 2021, many of Canada’s old paper money is no longer legal tender, including $1, $2, $25, $500, and $1,000 banknotes. However, if it’s old enough or has some rare feature, it might still be worth something to the right collector.

If you happen to own a Canadian one dollar bill, it’s worth taking a second look. Discontinued in 1989, they’ve become hard to find and could be worth a few hundred dollars.

If you’re not sure where to sell old Canadian bills, check in with businesses that buy coin collections, silver and gold, and other collectibles. They may work with a network of collectors to find good buyers for the right belongings.

Often, the most valuable collectors’ items are bills with printing errors on them, such as a famous $2 bill that had the wrong signatures on them. Unfortunately, regular $2 bills from Canada aren’t worth much, but it’s worth checking for unique features like printing errors if you’re going to sell anyway.

Kids’ Trading Cards

Now that the kids have grown up and moved out, it may be time to clean up their old rooms – or get them to do it the next time they visit. Keep an eye out for those trading cards your kids used to collect, as some of them have been rising in value. It’s not just baseball cards that collectors are on the look out for, either. These days, there are growing markets for trading cards like:

  • Pokémon, which recently saw a rare card auction for $183,000, though less rare cards can still net reasonable earnings.
  • Magic: The Gathering, a popular trading card game that’s still actively enjoyed.
  • NBA trading cards, which unlike other sports, have seen rising values in cards that aren’t that old.

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Silver and gold jewellery will always be worth the metal they’re made of, and it’s easy to trade them in. But if you have designer jewellery, you might be able to make even more. Keep an eye out for brands like:

  • Tiffany & Co.
  • Cartier
  • Bvlgari
  • Van Cleef & Arpels
  • Piaget
  • Lagos
  • David Yurman
  • And others.

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These have exceptional resale values. The same goes for luxury and gold watches. There’s also a unique market for antique pocket watches. If you have one, look it up to see if it might be of interest to an antique collector.

There’s money to be made in spring cleaning. Before you put stuff in the trash or the donation pile, take a second to see if it might have any value as a collectible. Many people, including collectors, are into buying and selling collectibles because there are a lot of online stores that pay a great price for valuable items.