Top Dos and Don’ts of Shopping for Fashion with Friends

Most of us love to shop for new clothes, shoes, bags, hats, and other accessories each season (and more often) to mix up our look and get a bit of retail therapy. If you enjoy this too, you may find that you have fun when on shopping outings with your friends rather than constantly buying everything you want on your lonesome. 

Yet, there can be some pitfalls to shopping with friends that can cause some challenges you want to avoid. It helps to know some of the key dos and don’t for these days to keep in mind. 

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Do Ask for Opinions

While a big part of going shopping with friends is enjoying the fun day out together, it’s also so you can get a second opinion on the clothes you’re considering. Other people see us more objectively than we see ourselves and can thus give us helpful advice about what clothing styles and colors suit us and when we’re too hard on ourselves. Good friends might even help you pick out some things to try on or tell if they think you’re considering items that don’t seem “you,” either. 

When shopping with your besties, ask them for their opinions and really listen to what they say. If you’re surprised by any feedback or ideas, get them to explain a little so you can see why they think what they do. You might be surprised by what you learn. 

Don’t Buy Things You’re Not Sure About 

However, don’t let friends, especially those with whom you may not be as close, or that could see you as competition somehow, sway you into buying items that you really don’t like the look of or that don’t suit your body shape or sense of style. Part with money only if you feel confident in pieces you’ve been trying on and that your friends are encouraging you to buy. It’s a waste of money, otherwise, as you’ll let the items gather dust in your closet. 

Be wary of friends telling you to buy something just because it’s related to the hottest summer 2022 fashion trends for women or is a great deal because it’s on sale. They could, intentionally or unintentionally, lead you astray and be too forceful with their opinions. If, however, stores have a generous returns policy and you can try things on again at home and take them back for a full refund if you figure out you’re not truly a fan of pieces, this can be a workaround for uncertainty. 

Do Spend Enough Time with Your Friends

Since the point of a shopping expedition with friends is to have some fun together browsing and buying new gear, make sure you spend enough time together on the day. Even if you have different tastes and want to visit different stores, you can still tag along to each other’s favorite shops and wait patiently and provide advice as they search for things they like, and vice versa. 

Don’t go off by yourself for hours at a time, as this will hurt your friend’s feelings and make them potentially feel used. Plus, it’s wise to arrange to have the whole day together to stop for coffee and lunch and talk about your purchases or fashion considerations and any other topics that arise.  

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Don’t Be Too Blunt 

Another tip is to be as honest and tactful as possible when your friends ask for your opinion on clothes or other pieces they’re interested in, but not blunt or hurtful. Choose your words carefully and try to find something nice to say about whatever they’re considering while still pointing out potential drawbacks that they could take on board. 

Be sensitive to their personal areas of concern, such as being tall or short, small-breasted, chunkier around the middle, etc. Be careful when reminding them of their budget, too, as you don’t want them to feel like you’re dictating how much they can spend or looking down on their cash flow levels. 

Do Wear Comfortable, Practical Clothing

Lastly, you don’t want to have to cut your shopping trip short due to having feet that are aching too much or having an issue where you find you can’t tell if clothes fit well or look decent because you’re not wearing the right underwear. 

Get dressed in comfortable footwear you can walk around in all day but bring along some heels you can carry in a bag to pop on with outfits if you need to get an idea of an overall look. Plus, it helps to wear a strapless or T-shirt bra and a G-string or no-panty-line pair of briefs or other practical underwear for best results. 

Following all the above tips will keep you and your friend(s) on excellent terms during and after your shopping time and help you come away with better purchases. 

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