Top 6 tips to fix common mobile problems

A smartphone does everything for us, or we do almost everything with our smartphone. So having a smartphone that doesn’t function properly hampers our productivity and leaves us frustrated. Here are six tips to fix some of the most common mobile problems quickly.

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Top 6 tips to fix common mobile problems

Battery running out quickly

The majority of people using older phones suffer from battery issues. There isn’t enough battery to get through the day or a few hours on a single stretch. Switching off the Wi-Fi, turning down the screen brightness, and not using the GPS can help a lot. Don’t forget to use the battery saver option within your phone setting to get more juice out of your poor battery. You can get new batteries at jaw-dropping prices using Indiancoupons.

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Lagging, freezing & crashing apps

Nothing is more annoying than a lagging, freezing, or crashing app when you are trying to get something done. You should update the app first to get rid of any bugs that are interfering with your app performance. Next, clean the cache or simply restart the app if nothing else works.

Apps not downloading

Many people get frustrated when trying to download some app, but that isn’t happening. It could be a result of low mobile data or poor Wi-Fi connection. So next time, make sure that your internet connectivity is good enough to get the app downloaded.

Wet phone

People tend to drop their phones in the water accidentally quite often. It is indeed bad news, but the chances of your phone survival aren’t slim. The very thing you shouldn’t be doing is turning your phone on after an accidental drop in water. Gently remove the battery if your phone allows you to do so. If not, then place your phone in a bag of rice and wait for five hours. This method will help absorb the moisture from your phone, and your phone might turn on like before. If it doesn’t, then take to the nearest service center and let them work on it. Most phones come with sealed internals through better outer construction, which keeps water from getting inside. You can save more on waterproof smartphones using Dealvoucherz discount coupons.

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Poor network reception

Your phone might suffer from poor network reception due to factors that aren’t under your control. If you face poor Wi-Fi connectivity, then make sure your phone is within the Wi-Fi range. Secondly, check whether the router setting is fine or not or if there any router issues. If you are facing poor cellular network reception, then get in touch with your carrier. Your carrier might perform some up-gradation work in a nearby locality, resulting in poor network reception. In some cases, people simply forget about disabling the ‘airplane mode’; so check it once for the better.

Phone not charging

Sometimes the phone simply misses out on charging properly, which could result from the damaged charging port. Any foreign object like dirt can clog up your charging port, or using faulty cable can damage it accidentally. It would help if you tried cleaning the charging port with a cotton swab to get rid of dirt or any particle blocking the cable path. If cleaning doesn’t help, then you have to take your phone to a repair shop to get it fixed. Secondly, check whether your charging brick is fine or not by using a different cable and smartphone. If you wish to buy a new charger at a highly discounted price, then use Hotozcoupons.

Use these tips to get rid of the common mobile problems without getting frustrated or losing your mind.