Tips to Increase Sales Using Digital Marketing

The growth of a company largely depends on digital marketing due to the rise in internet consumption among people. Hence, this has made digital marketing crucial over traditional means of marketing. The availability of various digital channels gives companies wider options to do promotions. Thus, a brand must be aware of how to establish them through digital marketing. In this article, you will know the various possibilities to elevate your sales through various digital platforms. 

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Utilize The Ephemeral Content:

Ephemeral Content is the shorter duration that is available only for a specific period. The Stories section of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are the ideal examples of this form of content. At first, this form of content was introduced in Snapchat and became a huge hit. Subsequently, Instagram also rolled out the same with added features. Thus, all other major social platforms joined the bandwagon. All the platforms incorporated stories section one after the other because of the enormous reach it gained among the people. According to a recently conducted survey, the content uploaded on Instagram stories has almost 2x higher engagement rate than the standard posts.

Hence, using this feature is an excellent move to reach a vast audience. The stories section appears at the top of the homepage of a social platform. Hence, this will build curiosity among the viewer to know the content that has been uploaded in the stories section. Eventually, he will open the content. This is the way engagement builds for the stories section. The placement of the stories icon is one factor that has improved its open rates. So, if you are promoting your brand through any of the leading social platforms, then utilize the stories section. It can be used as a better tool to increase your brand awareness. You can make your brand remembered amidst the presence of many in your industry. So, use the stories section frequently as it has a wide range of benefits. 

Don’t Underestimate Emails:  

Many consider that emails are old school. But it is very rare to find a person without an email account. Social platforms have overshadowed emails. Hence, many don’t realize the importance of emails. Especially, the young digital marketers don’t even research about emails. But, email marketing has room for possibilities that will help a brand convert a prospect into a customer. One essential factor in succeeding in email marketing is to come up with persuasive subject lines. Because, only the subject lines appear at first to a viewer. So, you have to make your subject lines appealing. If you can’t do so, it is best to hire a copywriter. This will make your work easier. The open rate of your email largely relies on the effectiveness of the subject line. Because people receive email from many companies, sources every day. So, to drive them to open your email, you need to come up with an engaging subject line.   

Another notable advantage of emails is that they can be taken advantage of as a conversational tool. You can make use of this channel to stay in touch with a prospect for a longer period. Surveys also show that emails have excellent open rates. If a person responds to your emails and seems to show interest, drive him to subscribe to your newsletters. Because newsletters are a better way to make a person stay with you for a longer period. However, some aspects have to be considered while crafting the newsletters. Only then will it help you in generating quality leads. You can come up with detailed articles about the new cutting-edge technologies you have been using in building your products. You can also write an article about the recent landmark achieved by your company. Such articles can create a good image for your brand gradually. Thus, crafting your newsletters in such a manner can make a customer sustain with your brand. 

Pick The Ideal Influencer:

Influencer Marketing is going to sustain as an effective social media marketing tactic for a longer period. According to a recent survey, it is estimated that influencer marketing may rise to the value of USD 24.1 billion by 2025. This is because choosing influencers acts as a result-assuring measure. However, like any other marketing strategy, success in influencer marketing is also determined by various factors. For instance, if you choose an influencer from a distinct niche, you will find it difficult to ideate exciting concepts. So, choosing an influencer from your same niche can help you to spot out your target audience easily. For example, if you want to market fitness equipment, you can collaborate with fitness influencers that are spread across social platforms. Thus, research and find the influencers from your niche. 

Instagram has launched an influencer dashboard with holistic details about the influencers present on the social application. You can find data such as the engagement rate and an influencer’s demographics data through this dashboard. This will facilitate the process of decision-making in choosing the influencers.     

TikTok is also a suitable platform for influencer marketing. Influencers can buy TikTok likes and views packages, which will help them improve their posts’ engagement rate.  

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Know The Potential of Chatbots:

Chatbots can be used for various purposes when it comes to marketing. AI powered chatbots can help you from finding the ideal prospect till giving insights in crafting content to turn him into a customer. Since the user base of social platforms has been increasing exponentially, it is beyond the capabilities of humans to find a potential prospect amidst the millions. Chatbots can be used to bridge this gap. It can process a massive chunk of data and brings qualified leads. 

Chatbots also aid you in customer management. For instance, if a customer approaches a brand through online platforms regarding a query, chatbots can respond more quickly than humans. The faster response is more essential in customer management because people are more likely to discard a brand if they feel the response is slower. So, brands are prompted to give a speed reply to customer queries for sustaining a customer. The advent of chatbots has been aiding brands in delivering timely responses to customers. Bots can provide details to customers such as the order status, reason for the delay in the delivery, etc. A recent survey has stated that chatbots can solve nearly 65% of customer queries. Moreover, they are also cost-effective since they can handle many customers at a given time, whereas humans can respond to only one person at a time. Considering the various benefits of chatbots utilize them in your digital marketing. 

Wrapping Up:

Digital Marketing is going to be the prominent marketing medium in the years to come. The tactics given above will help you craft a robust digital marketing strategy that makes you generate quality leads.