Tips for choosing the perfect desk for an office

When you’re busy at your workplace, you must not consider using any table as your workstation. But, even before you choose a corner desk, it must be conducive to your health and productivity.

While thinking about personalizing the space, you can select a table that suits your needs. So, in this article, we will cover some tips for choosing a desk for your office.

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Select something that suits your body type

As soon as you plan to purchase a table, you must first observe the desk height. Once you sit on a chair near the desk, your arms must be parallel to the floor. Moreover, you must also be able to place your legs comfortably just below the desk. Hence, it’s always better to purchase a desk with adjustable legs.

On the other hand, if you already have a table at your workplace, you don’t have to bother buying a new one. In those instances, you only need to buy an adjustable tray to keep the keyboard. You can also think about buying a footrest so that the body’s alignment is proper.

Choose a table of a suitable size

If your office is big, you can think about getting a table with many shelves. But, if you want to set up a table near a corner, consider buying a corner desk. Once you’re about to purchase the table, you will also have to ensure whether you can dismantle it at any moment.

This tip will help you move a large desk through the door, especially when you’re changing the location of your workstation.

Observe the material before buying

Most of the time, you will come across many wooden tables in the market. However, the kind of wood also matters most before you purchase. While desks made from pine or birch are quite durable, the surface can look bad due to numerous dents or marks.

You must consider a table designed from hardwood like oak or teak in that case. Besides, you can also think about purchasing a table or desk made from plywood.

Check out the surface area

While considering your work style, you must check whether you need a laptop or a water bottle near the desk. Furthermore, you must also ensure whether you need to paste some photos around the laptop.

But, if you want more surface area, consider opting for a pull-out surface. Such a surface will give you ample space to keep important things. A bit later, you can also slide or tuck in the surface when you’re not near the desk.

Look for holes to hide wires

When you want to hide a few wires, you must choose a table with holes or channels. Besides, you can think about a desk below which you can mount a storage box.

But, as you organize the place, you must ensure that the wires can be kept away from your legs. Eventually, you must be able to keep the cables and wires towards the rear end of the desk.

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Observe the storage space

If your table is crowded due to many items, then it implies that you will need a larger desk. But, even when you are finding a desk with a simple design, it should have some drawers and open shelves. 

You should also select a desk that has many compartments for keeping gadgets or different types of devices. For instance, if you’re going to use a printer often, make sure that the desk has a sufficient place to keep the printer next to your computer. 


You must consider many things when choosing a desk. While the desk’s height should be as per your body type, you must also check out the material. Apart from this tip, you will later have to check out the surface area and whether the desk offers some storage space. A desk with many holes can also be useful when you want to hide numerous wires.