Things Should Know About LIC Online Payment

LIC is the most wanted and reliable name in the Indian life insurance domain. There are many more choices of life insurance that are accessible, but LIC stands out from the huge crowd. When I look at life insurance categories, there are various segments and longer lists you can get. That’s why the LIC is the best solution to choose the best life insurance. Basically, the LIC is having huge happy customers. 

Effective LIC online payment

If you are a LIC policyholder, you need to know about the lic online payment that helps you in many ways. It is because the LIC policyholder is often standing in a long queue at various LIC branches to make a LIC payment. Hereafter you do not worry about anything you just pay your payment online. 

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There are millions of policyholders are use this online payment technique due to good reasons. It makes everything simple and easier. Without spending several hours, you can complete the payment process from your comfort place. It effectively makes your work easier. Within a few clicks, you can make a payment online or Take help of FinancesJungle.

How to pay LIC online payment?

Making LIC payment online is amazingly easier and you can make the payment by using your debit or credit card. Before started, you have to log in to the official website to make the payment. It allows you to comprehensive the simple steps. Foremost, you have to log on to the official website of LIC. Then you will need to register. The LIC is having the option called LIC pay directly for you that help your LIC payment without complete the registration process. Using the pay direct option, you can simply make your LIC online payments by using a credit or debit card. 

LIC online payment process for registered users

Visit the LIC official website. Tab the customer portal option and then choose the registered user button. Now you can get directed to the LIC login page. Together with, you have to click on the Pay Premium online option that will allow you to open a new page. Here you can see two payment options like pay direct that are without login option and use customer portal.

  • Click through the customer portal option for further proceed.
  • Enter the user ID or email or mobile number, password, DOB. Tab the sign-in option. On this page, you will find the self/policies option. 
  • Click on the self/policies option to view the whole details of your policy. On the page, you will able to see your policy renewal due date, etc. You have to see the pay premium option if your policy renewal is due. 
  • Select the pay premium option to precede a gives the mandatory information. Pick the payment option you want from the accessible option like credit, debit, or net banking. 
  • Now, you can simply make your LIC payment. 

Otherwise, do not forget to check you’re registered to outlook your payment receipts. Print and download your premium payment receipt. It is suitable and comfortable for all policyholders. 

LIC payment channels

Many people are preferred to going with online to make a payment, bank, etc. It is because the online is allows you to do all the responsibilities simple and effortless. LIC are made it simple for customers to make the payment and check the policy status and update policy details etc. Go online and make payment!! 

The policyholder can also use credit or debit cards to make LIC online payments. The LIC payment through this way is also the best choice. By following the few steps you can do it easily. 

  • After clicking on the circle against the option of IDBI gateway, then you will be redirected to the next page. Now you will find the numerous card types. Choose the type you want. Click the submit option.
  • Here, you will be redirected to the next page. And you have to enter your card details to process the transaction. The particulars include card number, CVV, date of expiry, name of the card, registered email, phone number, and many more. And you also need to enter the captcha code shown in the box.
  • Finally, you have to click the option of payment. The payment receipt will be created and will send to your registered email address with LIC. 

Different ways are accessible for online payment. According to your needs and convenience, you can use the ways and make the payment. 

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Significance of choosing LIC online payment

The online payment is make instant payment from your ease of the place. Whether you are at home or out of the station, you can simply make the payment online. This helps to eliminate your physically visiting any payment. By using these ways, you can save lots of time and money. Even with no issues and restrictions, you can complete the payment process. 

Otherwise, the online payment is quick and easy and it allows you to pay all the payments with various options before the due date. So it will protect you from paying any late payment. People are like digital payment today because of its security. The online payment comes with authentication system so you do not worry about anything. 

If you are a person who is having a policy in LIC, then use online payment. It helps you majorly and keeps you satisfied as well. Safety and convenience are the main reason for people highly choose online payment. The facilities of online payment are engaged policyholder extremely. The gateway to accept the online payment that is to give the instant notification of your payment that makes feel good. 

Final words

The lic online paymentis worthwhile to use and it is beneficial for every policyholder. Now many people are utilizing it. Don’t be late to make a payment online. It helps to avoid unwanted issues and also allows you to make a payment secured. With the digital world, the lic online payment is becomes popular due to various reasons. It is the ideal solution for policyholders so doesn’t miss it!!