The Untold Secret of Oral Probiotic Supplements for Your Oral Health

Do you know that your oral health is an essential part of your overall well-being? According to the WHO, your oral health can be a key indicator of overall health and quality of life. Aside from being a key indicator of overall health, good oral health also boosts your confidence.

Brushing your teeth is a simple and important step in maintaining oral health. The best practice is to brush twice daily (morning and evening). There are other ways you can take good care of your oral health aside from brushing your teeth. They include the input diet and probiotics (good bacteria). Replenishing the number of good bacteria in your mouth is a good practice that supports oral health.

Here are some of the reasons for  brushing twice a day.

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  • Morning brushing: While you’re sleeping, bacteria that causes plaque in your mouth grow and multiply. This is the reason behind morning breath and mossy taste, which you may experience in the morning. You need to brush your teeth in the morning to get rid of the plaque.
  • Evening brushing: Brushing at night helps remove grime and food debris that may have built up during the day.
  • Finally, you need to supply your mouth with good bacteria before going to bed. This bacteria works overnight to maintain the long-term health of your teeth and gum. You can readily achieve this by making use of a probiotic supplement that contains these good bacteria. 

Facts About Probiotics and Probiotic Supplement

Probiotics are live microorganisms, like bacteria and yeast, that have a beneficial effect on the body. Generally, bacteria and other microbes are seen as harmful, but some help keep the gut healthy and support digestive function. They’re available as a probiotic supplement, but you need to obtain them from reputable manufacturers. The beneficial effect of probiotics is not limited to maintaining gut function alone. They also play a key role in oral health.

You’re probably wondering why you need to get a probiotic supplement after brushing twice daily.

Your oral cavity is made up of distinct and diverse microbes that greatly influence your health. When these bacteria are properly balanced in your mouth, they support the physiologic role of breaking down the food you eat. They also contribute as part of your immune defenses. 

You need good bacteria to help maintain a healthy mouth and a healthy digestive system. 

You can maintain balance by making use of probiotic supplements that have a well-established quality. A reliable probiotic supplement that will not renege in its claim is USANA Oral Probiotic. Each dissolvable lozenge of USANA Oral Probiotic contains one billion CFU (colony forming units) of three probiotic strains. These are Lactobacillus brevis CECT 7480, Lactobacillus plantarum CECT 7481, and Pediococcus acidilactici CECT 8633. 

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These strains of bacteria work together effectively to colonize the oral cavity and therefore offer their beneficial effects.

USANA Oral Probiotics also help support the overall health through the contribution of probiotics on immunity.

Your oral health is an indicator of your overall health. It is one of the essential pieces that make up your whole expression. Therefore, you must take it seriously.