The Role of a Civil Rights Lawyer

Every citizen has specific freedoms and civil rights. Unfortunately, most people face violations of their civil rights and discrimination each new day. If your civil rights or that of a loved one have been violated, you can file a damage claim to secure compensation and bring the person behind the violation to book. 

Stewart Miller Simmons Trial Attorneys, Atlanta civil rights lawyer, has the required experience to handle your case. Having practiced in this field for several years, they will help you secure compensation for the violation of your civil rights. 

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How a Civil Rights Lawyer Can Help You

Civil rights lawyers have the right knowledge and expertise of laws applying to such claims. They also have the right resources to conduct the necessary investigations and build a strong case. 

You should look for the best law firm and contact them for the possible legal options. Cases related to civil rights claims are usually complicated, so it is important to contact a lawyer with the knowledge and expertise for such cases.

Types of Civil Rights Violations that Can Result in Lawsuits

There are different types of civil rights violations that come about as a result of various factors, which include:

  • illegal arrest
  • racial profiling
  • Police brutality
  • Physical and verbal aggression
  • housing discrimination
  • Work area discrimination
  • domestic abuse

You should, therefore, contact a highly-experienced civil rights lawyer to help you in your case. 

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What to do After a Civil Rights Violation

  • Non-formal Negotiation- This normally involves discussions between the individuals involved. Informal negotiations are essential if you want to avoid long legal battles and save costs on legal fees. 
  • Mediation-If non-formal negotiation doesn’t go through successfully, you can opt for mediation.  A mediator is called to discuss with all the individuals involved and come up with the right solution to the dispute. The mediator is not required to force a resolution on the dispute. 
  • Arbitration– In this phase, there may be one, two, or more arbitrators who will become neutral third parties as they try to come up with the perfect resolution to the dispute at hand. Arbitration is legally binding and can be enforced in court. It is an ideal option because it is cheaper compared to the court process. It also helps you resolve the situation faster. 
  • Lawsuit– If you aren’t successful in the above step, you can opt for the legal route. You should file your claim in the relevant court.

Choosing the Right Civil Rights Lawyer

Hiring the right civil rights lawyer is an essential step if you want to secure fast compensation smoothly. You should consider the expertise of the attorney you intend to hire. The number of cases they have won before and their years of practice are some of the important qualities to look at when hiring a civil rights lawyer. 

You can also look for referrals from various online platforms or people who have hired them for their civil rights violation cases. Remember, you should be ready to pay more for a highly-qualified civil rights lawyer who will guarantee you a successful compensation process.

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