The Must Have Dental Products

If you are a dental professional, you know that having the top dental equipment will make it easier to do your job. We’ll be taking a look at what you must have in your practice so you can be able to make your practice more reliable in treating your patients. Whether you are serving children or adults, you’ll want to perform the necessary procedures depending on their dental condition.

You want equipment that is reliable, easy to clean, and lasts a long time. Once you go through our list, you can order them through Kent Express, one of the best known dental product suppliers in the United Kingdom. Let’s take a look at the following:


Mouth mirror

You will need to look at the mouths of your patients from every angle. This includes those hard to reach places. This will be helpful in identifying any potential problem areas that may not be so easy for a toothbrush to access.

Dental probes

Another must have in your arsenal of tools. It may look a bit intimidating to patients. Yet, it’s secretly their best friend.

Whilst performing your exams, a sickle probe can be great for finding cavities or any dental issues. A periodontal probe is vital for examining the gums.

Dental syringe

This will be useful for applying an anesthetic (should a patient need it).


Of course, you will need the anesthetic itself. This will come in handy in case you need to perform procedures that may inflict pain. This can be used to numb the mouth in specific areas.

Dental handpiece

This will be used for removing any kind of decaying tooth matter your patient may have. It will be useful when you are performing restorative procedures.


This will be used for smoothing or polishing your teeth or removing any scratches. Often, this will be used for the purpose of restorations. Have this handy and your patients will be walking out with dental work that looks like a mint.


This is used for removing soft material in a cavity. If a drill doesn’t get used, it’s usually this tool that will be getting the job done to remove decay before the filling process.

X-Ray equipment

In order to examine dental issues beyond the surface, it may be wise to get x-ray equipment. This will see what is going on such as inside the tooth (and in not so visible areas). This will make it detect potential dental issues as early as possible.


This is used to remove calculus located from the gum line. Plaque can harden and may not be removed just by brushing. So a scaler will be used to scrape it off so it doesn’t cause gum and tooth damage.


Also a tool for removing calculus, but you need to get under the gum line to get it done. If you want to prevent gum damage from happening, this will be a tool that will be helpful.

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Suction device

Of course, you want to remove all the water and debris that will build up. It will be easier with this tool. The build up will make the job difficult whenever you’re performing a routine check-up or a necessary procedure.

Impression trays

These are required to create impressions of patient’s teeth. You’ll also need silicone materials to create the model itself. From there a lab can create a model which can be used to help determine future treatment for a patient’s teeth.

This can also help identify any other problems. For procedures such as braces, caps, or crowns, this will be a useful tool. Plus, it can be sent to a dental specialist such as an orthodontist.

Final Thoughts

If you are a dental professional, these products are a must have for your practice. Next day delivery is something to look out for when order dental consumables, and this is something that Kent Express provide.