The Best Extermination Procedures for Wasps

The fight against insects, especially wasps, is laborious, unpleasant, and lengthy. Most summer residents are faced with insects, the most problematic of which are hornets and wasps. However, today many effective methods are used to combat wasps, but the simplest and most effective is to contact specialists like Verona wasp control. If you do not currently have the opportunity to contact them, you can try to deal with the problem yourself. For this, the following methods of dealing with wasps are used:

  • Physical;
  • Chemical;
  • Folk

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Destruction of wasps by chemical means

Different chemicals in the market can be used to get rid of wasps. You can consult experts to advise you on the best. 

The general principle of using all these tools is similar: the area around wasp nests, as well as the nests themselves, is carefully and accurately processed. When insects return to the nest, they transfer insecticide microparticles there, dying themselves and infecting the population. In case of inaccessibility of the nest, the place of its possible location is treated with preparations.

Do not forget that the fight against wasps at home using these drugs will be successful, but care must be taken to avoid poisoning by the drugs themselves, as well as wasp stings during treatment.

Destruction of wasps using folk remedies

For decades and centuries, people have been fighting wasps with folk methods:

  • You can fill a bucket to the brim with water, bring it to the nest and immerse it in water. For some time, water will penetrate the nest and destroy the insects. It is recommended to carry out these works using a mosquito net, glasses, overalls. To divert the attention of wasps, you can use a container with sweet bait.
  • Nests located in the ground are filled with boiling water. Water must be in sufficient quantities. You can also use a garden hose to destroy the nest. After processing, the nest is covered with earth, which is compacted.
  • To prevent wasps from entering the house, you can treat the windows and curtains with vinegar.
  • You can make a trap out of a plastic bottle: you need to cut off its neck, pour sweet bait into the lower part, turn the cut-off upper part upside down and insert it into the bottle.

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Professional Pest Control Services

As you can see, the fight against wasps, whether at home or in the apiary, is painstaking and dangerous work, accompanied by the risks of being stung. If you do not have the opportunity, time, or desire to deal with this issue, you can contact specialized companies and services for the job.

More and more owners of suburban and urban real estate, as well as apiaries, are turning to specialized services because specialists are always ready to fix the problem quickly, efficiently, and for the longest possible time.

The cost of services for the destruction of wasps and their nests is quite affordable. The work will be carried out by qualified specialists who are ready to determine which method or preparation will be most effective in your particular situation.