Support Everything from Your Brain to Joints with an Algae Supplement

An algae supplement can be highly valuable in providing significant health and nutritional benefits. They have grown in prevalence in the supplement world and for sound reasoning. Its popularity is due to the many benefits it can provide. Using an algae supplement daily can help minimize the risk of cardiovascular disease and improve cardiovascular functioning, nervous system functioning, and overall immunity in humans, among other benefits. 

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What Are Algae? What Is an Algae Supplement? 

Before we explore the benefits of algae supplements and how they support various health areas, such as your brain and joints, it is helpful to understand better what exactly algae even is in the first place. Here, we will go over the topic in detail:

Not only are there a minimum of 33,000 named species of algae worldwide, numerous of which also come with significant nutritional value for humans. Algae refer to organisms typically aquatic-based, meaning they live in water, and photosynthetic, meaning they produce energy from the sun. Along with forming organic molecules, algae also create oxygen due to photosynthesis. Algae make up approximately 30 to 50 percent of the net global oxygen humans use for respiration.

Algae contain three significant elements that can provide nourishment:

  1. Algae contain chlorophyll, in addition to other plant pigments.
  2. Algae hold essential marine minerals, including iodine, calcium, magnesium, and potassium.
  3. Algae has omega-3 fatty acids, which come from docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA).

Why Take an Algae Supplement? What Are the Benefits?

There are so many benefits to taking an algae supplement, as doing so can help to support everything from your brain to joints. Algae oil supplements contain omega-3, a valuable fatty acid that you often see in nutritional and dietary supplements.

The omega-3 in iwi contains potent levels of EPA and DHA, the most beneficial of omega-3s since they are the genuine, pre-formed kinds of omega-3 that are essential to your body. Since the omega-3 algae supplement at iwi is created from this source, they are highly effective and can provide the nutrition you need to support your heart, joint, brain, eye, and so much more.

How Can an Algae Supplement Support My Brain Health? 

The omega-3 you can find in an algae supplement benefits your brain health significantly. Specifically, this is because DHA is critical in helping to maintain a healthy inflammatory response in your brain, and both DHA and EPA aid in supporting and maintaining an appropriate inflammation level for your health and wellness as a whole, working to keep your body in balance. Brain inflammation can potentially harm the brain cells and increase the chance of developing brain disease, but taking an algae supplement with omega-3 can seriously help support the health of your brain long term.

How Can an Algae Supplement Support My Joint Health? 

Omega-3 is incredibly valuable in helping support your joint health since bloodstream levels with healthy amounts of omega-3 in them have demonstrated that it can encourage positive blood flow throughout the body. When the blood in our bodies moves, it stabilizes our natural inflammatory response. In turn, this works to aid in decreasing stiffness, rigidness, and tightness in joints so we can continue moving. Further, this then helps to support healthy joints overall. Also, omega-3s are essential in aiding the ability of cells in our body to hold onto water content. When our joints have good hydration, they feel more pleasant and comfortable and are stronger and more resilient.

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Conclusion: How Can an Algae Supplement Support My Overall Wellness?

Algae supplements can significantly help support your overall wellness. The fatty acids in omega-3 in algae oil supplements are crucial in helping to manage and prevent many different health conditions. Omega-3 can help in several other health-related instances, including the cardiovascular and nervous systems and immunity. Fish and krill obtain their omega-3, essential fatty acids, by eating algae, which are dense in nutrients. But with the algae supplement from iwi, you can entirely avoid this “middle fish” and receive your omega-3 by using the omega-3 algae supplement for better living. Iwi’s algae supplements display a scientific indication that they can provide 50% more superior absorption than ingesting typical fish or krill oils will generally have.

Not only is iwi a company that benefits you, but it also values every other living thing on this planet. Iwi is notably sustainable, as they are planet-based and use sustainable farming in the USA. They cultivate their algae in the desert with saltwater powered by the sun. Taking an algae supplement from iwi is also better for ocean life, making it an ideal option for vegetarians and vegans.