Step by Step Guide when Repairing PDF Files

PDF files are the most popular file formats used for storing documents, especially in the office and school environment. Sometimes, they come with issues like corruption or missing pages. So if you are going to repair them, you mustn’t make any mistakes while revising PDF documents.

Many online tools repair damaged pdf. However, we will focus on Repairit – a complete tool suite that can help you recover your PDF documents back to good health using this simple step-by-step guide.

Stay on this article to get the ultimate ways to repair pdf files.

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The Cause of PDF File Corruption

Before we start with proper steps to repair corrupted pdfs, let us first understand what causes the corruption of these files. Most often than not, it is due to improper installation, file conversion, or some malware attacks. It is advisable to check all those things before proceeding further.

Below are some common reasons:

Improper Installation

If you have installed a program incorrectly or an application that has viruses, it could damage your system and other programs. It might lead to corruption of PDF files.

Bad Conversion

Sometimes software applications convert Microsoft Office Documents into PDF format without properly checking whether they are clean or infected with viruses. So if you have converted such a document, then chances are high. The file may become corrupt after extraction from MS Word.

Malware Attacks

Malicious software such as adware or spyware might damage your system at the time of installation or even during use. If you are running a vulnerable machine, you should immediately uninstall your anti-virus and run a scan with a reputable anti-virus scanner before installing anything. If you are looking forward to repairing corrupted pdf files, you need to go through a rigorous disinfection process.

Common ways to repair PDF files

Now that we know what can lead to pdf corruption and how serious it can be, specific steps need to take to fix the problem. Here are a few easy tips. You can follow these steps easily to repair corrupted pdf in a few minutes.

  1. Use a different PDF reader.

Sometimes a corrupt pdf file might all start from your file reader. Before you panic, you can first evaluate your reader tool and see if that is the root of your problem. When you assess your issue, you can utilize a different file reader tool and see if the issue will persist.

You can begin this step by going online and looking for other related PDF reader tools. Pick the more compatible one with your content and view your file. However, if there are no changes, you might try other standard methods below.

  1. Leverage repair and recovery tools

There are multiple online tools that you can rely on to repair pdf files and back up your data from your previous version. You can opt for either commercial or free applications that will make your work easier.

For Windows 10 users, you can rely on the in-built backup tool to get the earlier version of your file. You might begin by updating your system security. Then, restore your backup or use the file history feature to get the correct version.

  1. Extract previous data from the pdf file

Recovery tools come in handy in atleast providing you with read-only content. Depending on the recovery success of your platform, it would be wise to store the recovered data well to avoid losses again. 

You might transfer the content in your PDF file to Microsoft platforms such as MS Word. You can use other tools such as Repairit to get previous data. The tool does not only deal with corrupted pdf, but also repairs video. Let us check more below on how this modern software can repair files.

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How to repair PDF files with Repairit

The Wondershare Repairit is an exciting and a smart-application to repair your damaged pdf file. If you do not have one, you might install the software into your machine and follow the below three steps to fix the pdf.

Step 1

Once you complete installing your app, go to the file repair section and press the add button. The action will produce a window section to upload your corrupted pdf file. Please select the file/files you want and run them on Repairit. 

You can pick different document formats, including Word or Powerpoint. The platform also has an interface that shows the progress of the upload.

Step 2

When the files load on the platform, you can click on the Repair button at the bottom. The software will assess your files and manage any issues that might emerge. You can see the different stages of the repairing process and even have privileges to abolish unwanted processes. The video repair tool will send notifications concerning the success and failure of the various files. If you have a big challenge with your corrupt file, you will get a link that connects you to an expert for guidance. 

Step 3

The final step allows you to sneak peek at the completed process using the preview button. Once you get satisfying results, you can export your files to your local machine through the save button. You can easily access your corrupt-free file in the selected destination.


Corrupted pdf files might be a nuisance when submitting that assignment or work report. The file manipulations might occur for various reasons, including viruses and wrong installation procedures.

This should not stress you anymore since the article has helpful tips for your needs. Go through the content and repair damaged pdf with a modern and straightforward video repair tool such as Repairit.