15 Steps Help You to Restore iPhone

How To Restore the iPhone to its original factory settings is a way to repair any damage you’ve done to the phone by downloading unauthorized software. It’s not guaranteed to fix your problems, but it is your best bet.

How To Restore iPhone

Step 1- Confirm your decision:-

   Only if your apps are not working properly or any other issue, then opt for the decision to restore the iPhone. It is not advised always to restore your device. All your images, videos, files, music, contacts, documents, apps that you have downloaded will be lost if you have not backed them up yet. You would have to re-download them.

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Step 2- Connecting the iPhone to Computer:-

   All you need to do is connect your iPhone to your computer using the USB cable. Once you do so, iTunes will automatically launch itself. If it does not, then you can begin the application all by yourself. Under Devices, you can see your iPhone showing itself. If it does not appear there, an error might have occurred while connecting.

Step 3- Backing up your data:-

   All your data, including music, pictures, videos, apps, files, etc. will all be transferred to Computer if you have configured your iTunes to sync when your phone is connected automatically. If you have done so, all the data will be transferred automatically.

 If it did not sync automatically, you have to set it manually by clicking on the sync button, which you can see the Summary tab in iTunes. It is important to back your data so that when you restore your device, your files will not be lost.

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Step 4- Prepare to restore iPhone:-

   You can see the information on your iPhone on the information page in iTunes. You can see two buttons in the middle of the iTunes window. All you need to do is click on the Restore button. If you have done so, then jump to step 5.

Step 5- Confirming your action:-

   Once you click on Restore, confirm your action by clicking on the prompt button that warns you of the consequences of clicking on the Restore button. If you have backed up all your data, then click on Restore again.

Step 6- Patiently wait for iTunes to work:-

   Once you have confirmed to Restore iPhone, iTunes immediately begins the process. You can see many messages on your screen, stating that the action is in progress and that they are extracting the software that needs to restore your device. Make sure not to disconnect your iPhone from your Computer while these processes are running.

Step 7- Patiently wait:-

   You need to wait until the restoration process is completed patiently. You will see messages stating the software is updated. You will be able to see an Apple logo and a bar showing how much the action has progressed. You can now move to step eight.

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Step 8- Almost nearing the process:-

   Even though iTunes prompt a message saying that your restoration process has been completed, you still need to restore the settings and restore your data back to your phone. Wait while it restarts automatically.

Step 9- Activation of the device:-

   Once the phone restarts, you will see an icon that will disappear, stating that the phone is connected to iTunes. Then a message will appear that the iPhone is waiting for activation. After a few minutes, you will receive a message saying that your phone has been activated.

Step 10- Setting up the iPhone:-

   You will be required to set up your device in iTunes. You will see two options, to Set as a new iPhone and restore from a backup. If the previous version of your iPhone has been very problematic for you, it is better to click on Set up as a new iPhone.

This will not create any new troubles. If you want your old settings back, all you need to do is click on Restore from a backup. You will see the name of your iPhone and tap on it.

This step would save you the extra trouble of setting your iPhone from the beginning. If you decide that setting your iPhone as a new phone is the best option, move on to step eleven.If you want to restore the iPhone from a backup, you can skip ahead to step thirteen.

Step 11- Setting up a new iPhone:-

   The first step you need to do while setting up your new iPhone syncs your contacts, email accounts, bookmarks, and information which you would like to sync to your phone.

Make sure you sync only the important ones. Once everything is completed, tap on Done. iTunes will do its job of backing and syncing your data. After that, skip stepping twelve. iTunes will begin backing up and ​syncing your iPhone. Move on to step twelve.

Step 12- Transferring the files:-

   Once the initial sync is completed, go to iTunes and select the apps, ringtones, music, movies, TV shows, books, photos, and tap on them to transfer to your iPhone.

Make sure not to disconnect your device after the initial sync has been completed. iTunes will transfer the files that you have selected to your device. You can go ahead and skip to step fifteen.

Step 13- Restoring from Backup:-

   If you want all your old settings back, click on Restore from backup. In doing so, iTunes will automatically restore your previous files and settings that you were using. Make sure not to disconnect the device while the files are being synced.

Step 14- Syncing away:-

   Your iPhone will restart again when all the settings that you have selected are restored to your device. If the syncing is set to automation, it will begin automatically. If not, you can sync them manually. It will take a few minutes to complete this process.

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Step 15- Restored iPhone:-

   Your iPhone has now been restored to its original factory settings. All your data and files are now transferred back to your device. You can go ahead and disconnect your iPhone from the Computer. You are now ready to use the restored iPhone for your use.

   I hope these fifteen steps would help you restore the iPhone to its original form and sync all your data without losing any valuable information of yours.