Restaurant menu card tips

In the post-Covid world, there is a drastic change in the expectations of restaurant customers. The dine-in customers have become quite hygiene conscious. They no longer want to stand in long queues or touch the paper menus used by multiple people. In this scenario, let’s go through the menu card tips that you can try out at your restaurant.

Top menu card tips

Introduce a digital menu – 

It’s time to bid goodbye to the paper menus. With a digital menu offered by India’s leading digital restaurant management platform Inresto, now you can provide diners a contactless ordering experience. 

Once your customers are seated on the restaurant table, they just have to scan a QR code on their smartphones. They can view all the dishes and order as per their wish. As per the survey report released by Restaurant India, 33% of restaurants have implemented an e-menu with the QR code ordering technology.  

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Go for a limited menu – 

Restaurants have been witnessing a major drop in footfalls post the pandemic outbreak. Hence, come up with a limited menu. With the help of the restaurant management software, identify the fast moving dishes. 

Retain the fast selling items in your menu and remove the low performing ones. Offering an extensive menu with a lot of items can lead to wastage of food materials. 

Arrange your menu logically – 

While going through the menu, any diner will first look for the appetizers. Thus divide your menu in a sequential manner. 

Design in such a way that the appetizers appear in the first page, followed by main course and desserts in the last page.

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Remove currency signs – 

As per studies, customers tend to spend more when there are no currency signs on the menu. Hence, in these times of cash crunch, it’s advisable to remove currency signs from your menu.

Parting Words

A restaurant menu plays a decisive role in ordering at restaurants. Hence by offering a digital menu, now you can attract a lot of hygiene conscious diners. Also, implementing the tips discussed above will help you improve your sales and focus on the fast moving dishes.