Reasons Why Every Business Needs a Water Damage Plan

A water damage plan is an important part of a business owner’s preparations for the unexpected. There are numerous reasons why every business in this country would benefit from considering investing in a water damage plan.

Owning a business is a dream for many people. But the reality is that not everyone who starts their own business succeeds, and many fail to get off the ground due to unforeseen circumstances. This article will highlight why every business should have a water damage plan.

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Health hazards are very real and possible threats to a business owner. Most businesses have some type of plumbing system, but sometimes these systems can become damaged over time. A damaged system’s most common results are flooding and mold growth. Flooding is not only damaging to the building, but it can cause serious health problems to anyone who inhales or comes into contact with the contaminated water. Mold growth is yet another serious health problem; it can cause allergic reactions and infections in those exposed to it. Water intrusion into a business can be a significant problem if the water cannot be cleaned up quickly. The longer this goes on, the greater the health risk to those exposed to it.

Water will often force its way into a building through the sewage system, resulting in large amounts of waste and chemicals entering the building. Tears in the sewage lines can also cause these chemicals and waste to leak into the surrounding area. The sewage system contains feces, which is dangerous when it comes into contact with food preparation areas or even office spaces where people eat.

Water damage also weakens the business structure. As water soaks into the walls and flooring of a building, pressure is created on the walls. The longer this water applies pressure to the walls, the greater the risk there is of structural damage occurring. This is bad for the building and causes long-term damage to the business’s reputation.

No one comes out ahead when a business is shut down for repairs, and the business owners, employees, and even customers will all stand to lose if this happens. The longer the business is shut down, the more likely customers will find a different business to use.

A water damage plan will offer businesses the protection they need if these issues arise. Water damage usually means a business must close down for longer than needed, and in some cases, this will mean that employees cannot work for days or even weeks at a time.

Any water damage plan should include a strategy for dealing with frozen pipes. A frozen pipe has been exposed to a temperature below freezing for too long. The danger of this happening can be substantial to the business and community. Frozen pipes result from extreme cold and will cause the pipe to burst. This can result in flooding, leading to exposure to contaminated water. Cold weather also adds pressure to the walls of a building, which can cause structural damage. Frozen pipes are a serious threat to any business, but that doesn’t mean it is impossible to avoid them.

Two major types of pipes are used in the typical building. These include metal and plastic. Metal pipes are more apt to freeze and more likely to be affected by extreme temperatures. Because of this fact, it is better to use plastic pipes. The insulation property of plastic pipes can keep the water inside them from freezing. If a business does not have plastic pipes, there are some things they can do to minimize the possibility of freezing pipes. This includes insulating the pipes to reduce the impact of the cold weather and using plastic pipe hangers and supports to keep them close to the ceiling.

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A water damage plan should include a procedure for what to do if the pipes freeze. The plan should include a step-by-step procedure for how a business owner deals with this issue. Once the pipe has burst, it is likely too late to save it or the surrounding property.

Some people are not convinced that a water damage plan is necessary or beneficial. The truth is that every business in this country may encounter water damage at one point or another. It is better to be prepared and have a plan ready than to be caught unaware and quickly try to formulate a way out of the problem.

It is a smart idea for businesses to have insurance coverage that will help them in the event of a water damage situation. If a pipe bursts or any other related water damage occurs, cleanup and total restoration of the property would require costly procedures such as replacing carpeting and other furnishings. Insurance coverage will help offset some of these costs, usually associated with making a business habitable after a water intrusion.