Positive Effect of Friendships at School

Every human wants to be a part of someone’s life and this feeling can usually be accomplished with only one relationship which is called Friendship. Research has found that belonging- that feeling of being a part of something – helps us function better in the world. Friendship is that sense of belongingness which makes a student stay mentally healthy and happy which makes him/her focus on his study and learning properly. Today student’s lives have become very different after the introduction of online learning because students have a lot to search and work on. Students use LMS portals to make their online learning easy because LMS portals make learning safe in online education. Earlier students were not even aware of LMS full form but now it has helped students so much that they know everything about it along with LMS full form. But despite so much facilitation, what lacks is a goal of students around a student who seeks a friendly learning environment. Friendship gives purpose and meaning to life and students become able to focus on their academic goals. Best thing about friendship is it can happen with anyone of any age. It is found in studies that few students like to have a friendly relation with tutors so that they can get answers to their queries easily and can get guidance more efficiently. This friendly support from tutors usually motivates the students to work harder and perform well.

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It is found in many studies that friendships help many children develop and enhance their social skill set. Such friendships also enhance and teach some important life skills like how to behave with others at work place and gain respect in everyone’s eyes and this ability makes a student have less difficulties in social and emotional situations. That student who has such a good friendship at school his academic life goes forward with support and fun. It is so because when students grow up and start to live a proper social life then social skills help them to live an easy life. Such support and assistance in the form of friendship keeps the mental well-being of a student healthy and provides him/her ability to face social challenges. Good friendships at school usually keep the student engaged with academic life usually. And when students are engaged at the school with full devotion then they learn with better concentration and gain a good level of knowledge and they love being in school that they don’t wish to leave the school. It is a very common phenomenon that students learn better with their peers in school and colleges and they don’t feel good in school/college in absence of their best buddy. It is so because those friends who study together, they not only motivate each other to study but also help each other in understanding complex topics, which makes learning easy.

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Student life is full of tasks and goals which brings stress that too in ample amounts. It is found in many studies that having a best friend in academic life saves a student from falling into stress and depression whenever he/she faces failure and suffers from the negative impact of it. Though a friend can’t find a solution to every problem and walking side by side and being there in every adverse situation gives strength to face any failure and work better in future, in academic life. Following this statement, we can say that such close friendships make children strong in their academic life. It is found that usually a student who has a good buddy in school scores good marks rather than those who don’t have a peer. Transitions age wise and academics wise both are very stressful and in such cases a lot of changes happen which not only confuse the students but also put them into a dilemma. And in such a state of transition a good friend always proves to be the best support to make correct decisions and understand the situation. In such sensitive situations parents need to become the friend of their child and make a good relationship with him/her. Therefore, the child can discuss all the difficulties and queries to them and can get proper guidance along with an awesome feeling of belongingness.

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