Is MangaStream Dead? 6 Best Mangastream Alternatives in 2021

What is MangaStream?

In this paragraph, I am going to discuss a few reasons why mangastream was shut down? MangaStream was a website of manga comics online. Here users could read their favorite Japanese comics online for free.

Firstly – The Fans ad users of Manga Comics were the ones who translated the comics into English, French, Italian, and many more different languages.

Secondly, It was one of the most loved websites for manga comic readers because it charged nothing additional for your access to the complete website.

However, It was in service for nearly a decade and has a vast collection of manga comics.

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What happened to the website Manga Stream?

MangaStream is no longer in service. The original website is completely down but there is a website “”, which is still active. In other words, It is said to be a clone site.

Why is MangaStream down?

Manga Stream Down Because It is said that original manga comic’s owners have forced them to shut down.

Yet the reasons are not clear by the owners, but it is said that it was an illegal site of Manga comics.

Mangastream was one of the most popular manga sites all over the world and it was among the top-rated platforms for reading manga online, for quite some time. But as the saying goes, “All Good Things Must Come to an End”, the official mangastream site was taken down a few months back in compliance with DMCA policy. This website hosted scanned copies of the original manga content which comes under copyright violation. So, it had to be closed down.

But still, if you are used to reading manga online, you should not lose hope. There are many top-notch websites for reading manga online, that are available out there for you to check out. We are going to review some of these websites here. 

Here are the 6 best Mangastream Alternatives for you to check out in 2021

1. MangaPanda

MangaPanda offers an interactive UI design and such an awesome ease of access that would be unlike anything you have ever seen before. This manga site has a mobile app as well which takes the ease of use to a totally different level. It is highly recommended for beginners as the UI design of this site is easy to navigate. And the biggest benefit, it is free to use.

  • Free to use HD quality Manga Site 
  • 24/7 Access 
  • Interactive UI Design  

Ever since the manga stream went down, there have been many clone sites that have come out that are offering the same user experience. is one of these sites. This website offers an easy for you to read your favorite manga online. The UX of this website is a lot like mangastream and even the domain name has the initials of Mangastream in it.

  • Free Manga Site with HD Quality Content
  • User Friendly Interface 
  • Fast Loading Speed

3. MangaHere

MangaHere has the biggest collection of free manga that is available for you to access 24/7. Out of all the manga sites that we have on our list, this one is the easiest to use and the user experience that you get here on this site is nice and quite friendly. MangaHere is widely trusted by manga viewers all over the world.

  • Best Free Site for Reading Manga 
  • Excellent User Interface
  • Suited for Beginner Manga Readers  
  • HD Manga quality 

4. MangaFreak

When we talk about the best mangastream alternatives, this website is one of the very few ones that always come to mind. MangaFreak is an excellent blend of great Web Design and HD Manga quality that is hard to find in most free manga sites online. It is free to use and won’t ask you for registration or authentication for reading manga here. 

  • HD Manga Quality for Free
  • No Registration Needed 
  • The Web Design is simply awesome

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5. MangaReader

MangaReader is an excellent manga site for beginners and would offer you a great way of reading manga online, in a secure environment. With this manga website, you would get to enjoy HD quality content, without having to pay any kind of fees. This platform has a massive collection of new and manga series that you can read here for free. 

  • Huge Collection of Manga for Free
  • No Hassle for Account Registration 
  • Easy UI Navigation 

6. MangaGo

MangaGo features an extremely intuitive UI design with HD manga content that you can read here for free. The biggest feature of this website is that there are little to no ads here. You can go on and read your favorite manga here without any kind of unnecessary interruptions. MangaGo has a huge fanbase who vouch for its quality of services.

  • Free Manga Site for Beginners 
  • HD Manga Content Quality
  • Easy to use UI Design Approach 
  • Powerful Smart Search Features  
  • Safe and Secure Platform 


Mangastream was a great platform for beginner as well as hardcore manga readers but since it is not available anymore, you need a decent quality alternative that you can use in its stead. You can visit Past News to learn about more trending free sites for reading manga online. This is what this article is all about. Make sure to check out all these websites for the best mangastream replacements in 2020.