Looking for a job in Ahmedabad? Here’s how to answer the most commonly asked interview questions

It’s no secret that job interviews can be quite nerve-wracking. Whether it’s your first time or your hundredth, it’s an experience that’s sure to awaken the butterflies in your stomach. Unlike a decision like choosing a gents’ hostel in Ahmedabad, that’s very important but low stakes, or figuring out how to reach your interview venue from your hostel, that’s less important but high stakes, the actual interview process is both very important and high stakes. That’s why it’s important to always be well prepared before you embark on your interview process.

Preparation comes in all shapes and forms. There’s the logistical stuff – reaching the venue on time, having all your documents ready; there’s the prior research – into the company and the job role; there’s the aesthetics of the matter – your clothing and your body language; and then there’s the interview itself. The only issue is that most of us tend to get so caught up with all the initial stuff that we forget to prepare for those dreaded interview questions. If that’s something you’re worried about happening to you, don’t worry any longer. Because we’ve brought you the five most commonly asked interview questions and how to answer them. With these tricks up your sleeve, you’re bound to have the job offers rolling in. So, let’s get started.

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Tell us a little bit about yourself.

The dreaded opener. No matter what kind of role you’re applying for, a potential employer is bound to ask you this question. And although as interviewees, we all expect to be asked this question, most of us have no idea how to prepare for it. Should you just summarise your resume? Or is it your personal history they’re interested in. If you think the answer is either of these, it’s a good thing you started reading this article. Those are exactly the answers you should avoid during your interview. Instead, treat this question as a sales pitch for yourself. Talk about a few of your achievements or experiences that you definitely think your employer will be impressed by. You want this section to add value to your interview, not a chance to name all the pets you had growing up. 

How did you hear about this opportunity?

This seems like a pretty easy question on the surface, right? You could have come across the opening on LinkedIn or heard about it from someone in your network, and it seems safe to say either of those. But it’s not that straightforward. This is a great question for you to show off all that research you’ve done about the company (without going overboard, of course). State your interest in the organisation specifically and even mention what it was about the position that caught your eye. If you heard about the opportunity from a friend who currently works in the organisation, don’t think twice about naming them. A job interview is exactly the space where your connections can come in handy.

What are your strengths and weaknesses?

Another tried-and-true approach. This question can end up making you feel a little uncomfortable, because you’re essentially being asked to both brag about yourself and put yourself under the microscope. The trick here is not to be vague or go with easy answers. Choose the strengths that are most relevant to the role that you’re applying for. For example, if you’re trying to get a marketing position, it might be better to assert your strong communication skills rather than your sportsmanship. When it comes to talking about weaknesses too, be honest, instead of putting an overly positive spin on things. The best way to highlight yourself is by stating a weakness (preferably one that’s not key to the role you want) along with the steps you’ve taken to combat that weakness and improve your abilities. 

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How do you handle pressure?

There’s no doubt that whatever job you’re gunning for, it’s going to have times with a lot of pressure and unavoidable stress. Your employer wants to know how you’ll survive in times like these. Your answer should obviously show your commitment towards giving your best, despite any challenges. A smart way to answer this question could be to share a strategy you use to combat stress while reasserting your positive attitude in the face of adversity. Give examples of times when you’ve been flexible to handle the stress and cost of living in Ahmedabad or shown resilience in your previous job to really seal the deal.

Why should we hire you?

The answer to this question can actually be a make or break during this interview. Because if you’re not convinced about why you deserve the job, there’s no way your employer is going to be. On the flipside, if you nail the response by highlighting the skill sets that make you perfect for the job, you’re mostly likely going to get that offer. So, ensure that you make your answer as powerful as you can. Not only should you highlight the skills and qualifications you have, provide examples of when those skills have helped you get results. Finally show how your vibe matches with that of the company and how familiar you are with its culture for extra points.

Those are the most frequently asked questions for job interviews that you should prepare for when you’re looking for a job in Ahmedabad. Make sure you use our pointers and plan your answers beforehand. Once you’re ready for these questions, you’re pretty much ready for everything.