Keeping Your Home Free of Spiders by Practicing Proactive Pest Control

Spiders are a cause of fear among many people because they can be poisonous. Brown recluse spiders and black widows should be avoided at all costs because they will bite when threatened. Their poisonous bites can result in symptoms including a wound around the bite area and muscle cramps. Although spider bites are rarely fatal, they could require medical attention. So, it is best to avoid these spiders.

After you deal with poisonous spiders, you probably think regular house spiders are not a nuisance. After all, they won’t kill you. However, there are reasons you want to prevent them from invading your home through proactive residential pest control. In general, spiders become an issue for someone who has a fear of spiders or when these pests begin to invade your property in huge numbers. 

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Why You May Have Spider Inside Your House

Spiders exist in places that have the right conditions for them. If you see them inside your house, there may be insect populations throughout your house. These pests eat insects and can be useful when there are many pests inside your house. However, when the number of spiders in your house gets out of control, you must regain control by eliminating them. You can prevent a spider infestation by taking the following steps:

Ensuring Your Attic, Garage, and Basement are Clean

The majority of spiders choose to build their webs in a secluded, undisturbed area, making your attic and basement their perfect hideout. Keep clothing and shoes stored inside plastic containers. Also, consider shaking out clothing that has been in storage before you wash or wear them. 

Seal All Cracks or Crevices

Spiders can crawl into your house through siding cracks and damaged window or door screens. You should inspect your exteriors for such defects once a season ends as temperature and weather changes, which can cause or exacerbate existing issues. 

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Inspect Packages Before You Bring Them Indoors

Usually, delivery guys leave packages on the front step if nobody is in your house. Also, when groceries are unloaded, they could be put on the driveway. Such opportunities allow spiders to crawl onto these items and be brought inside your house. So, make sure you inspect packages before you bring them into your house to minimize this risk. 

House spiders and cellar spiders do not cause serious health risks because they cannot pierce your skin when they try to bite you. They are just nuisance pests; however, you may want to keep them outside. If you think you have a spider infestation in your house, call a pest control expert to identify the species you are dealing with and get rid of them properly.