Iron In The Human Body

One of the most important trace elements the human body requires is iron. It is an essential food nutrient though it is only needed in little quantity. Iron can be gotten from food such as liver, seafood, chicken, red meat, and beans. It is also present in fruits such as apples and bananas. 

It aids blood production as it is a vital building material of haemoglobin and regulates body temperature. In large quantities, iron can promote the growth of bacteria which damage body organs. Hence, the need for removing iron that is in excess in the body.

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Furthermore, most water pipes especially old ones expose us to the dangers of having excess iron in our body as they usually dissolve iron in the water that passes through them. To reduce this, humans have adopted several ways of reducing the iron content in our water and some of these methods will be looked into.

Ways of removing iron in the water

  • Filters

Filters are one of the commonest ways of removing iron in our water and are also adopted for a wide range of particle-removal purposes. Particles such as Lead (Pb) and Chlorine are other particles that can be filtered out by a filter.

The kind of filter you have installed in your house will determine the amount of iron and other sediments that will be effectively removed from your water. We should check out the power of a water filter before making a purchase as well as taking note of some extra features such as an included air injector.

  • Air Injector

Air Injectors can oxidize the iron-containing water by the addition of oxygen and then separate it from the safe water through the air compression and filtration process.

It is the best way of removing iron and other harmful particles from our water and most importantly cost-effective as many of its components do not need to be replaced nor do they depreciate within a short period.

Most modern filters include an air injector, so you can just acquire one when purchasing your filter instead of buying them separately.

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  • Water Softener

A water softener might also help to remove air from our water if this is included in the set-up. It is most effective for soluble iron particles with low concentration in water and best used for this purpose with a filter.

However, you must understand the need and nature of each iron removal before making a purchase. For example, purchasing a water softener is okay if after checking the amount of iron in your water and you observed the machine is sufficient to control the iron concentration. So, ensure you find out what you need and make proper researches before adopting a method to remove iron from your water.

I think we have been able to rightly establish the fact that iron is needed in the human body but must be controlled as a lot of it in our body put us in danger.


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