Innovative wooden staircase design for small spaces

When it comes to designing a home with limited square footage, it’s important to consider every inch of your living space. 

One of the most important features of your home that can help you save space is your staircase. Wooden staircases are a popular choice in homes where space is at a premium due to their versatility, natural warmth and elegance. 

Wood is a highly adaptable material that can be cut and carved into any shape or size, allowing for a greater degree of customisation in staircase design. This versatility makes wooden staircases ideal for small or awkward spaces, as they can be crafted to fit the exact dimensions required.

In this blog post, we will explore the best types of wooden staircases for small spaces.

Wooden spiral staircases

Spiral staircases are a great choice for homes with limited space. They are not only functional, but also provide a unique appearance. 

Wooden spiral staircases can be manufactured from various types of timber and can be customised to suit your home’s décor. As they are constructed in a way that allows them to build on top of themselves, wooden spiral staircases can be installed in a small corner of your home. They can therefore provide you with the access you need whilst saving valuable floor space.

Winder wooden staircases

Winder staircases are made up of triangular-shaped treads that are wider on one end, tapering to a point at the other. These triangular treads are arranged in a helix or circular pattern around a central pole or stringer, allowing the staircase to turn slightly at each step. This allows winder staircases to fit into a smaller footprint than a straight staircase, making them ideal for loft and basement access in particular.

In addition to saving space, winder staircases can also add an interesting architectural feature to your home. The curved shape of the staircase can create a focal point in any room, adding a sense of elegance and sophistication.

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Floating wooden staircases

Sometimes, simply the illusion of having more space is enough. Floating staircases are perfect for small spaces as they allow for more light flow, providing an open and airy feel.

Increasingly fashionable in modern homes, floating wooden staircases are designed to give the appearance that the steps are floating, as they have no visible support structure. 

Compact straight staircases

Another excellent choice for those looking to save space in their homes is to opt for a compact straight wooden staircase. 

Unlike traditional straight staircases, compact straight staircases are designed to take up less floor space, whilst still providing safe and convenient access to the upper levels of your home. This is achieved by using a steeper pitch and narrower treads, allowing the wooden staircase to fit into a smaller footprint.

Compact wooden staircases can be customised to fit exact dimensions, allowing for a perfect fit. They can also be designed in a variety of styles and finishes, making them a stylish and elegant addition to any home.

Wooden paddle stairs

Paddle stairs typically have alternating treads, where the left foot steps on a different tread than the right foot. This allows them to be narrower than standard stairs, with a steeper pitch. 

Their unique design makes paddle stairs ideal for spaces that would not be suitable for a traditional staircase, such as small rooms or loft conversions.

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Contact space saving staircase experts

When installing a new staircase in your home, it is not only vital to ensure that it fits your available space, but that it is in keeping with UK building regulations.

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