How To Use Your Phone’s Battery Effectively

Some devices are notorious for draining the battery super fast. Others, not so much. And yet only a minority of users know how their batteries function, let alone how to extend their phone’s capabilities. Well, we say no more to that. Only a fraction of used gadgets end up in recycling, and most of them just contribute to the insurmountable amounts of junk humanity is accumulating.

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Respecting The Planet

 And while we are learning what to do with the waste of our everyday life, one of the harsh-cold truths is that the best thing to respect the environment is to actually not buy the thing that ruins it. Yes, that means instead of buying plastic bags and sending them to recycling, just don’t buy them. It’s that simple. That glass bottle that you bought, whatever it contained, is long gone. The energy and raw materials that it required upon manufacturing are not. Either reuse it, send it to recycling, or don’t buy them at all. 

The same concept applies to gadgets. If you change your phone every 2-3 years, what do you think is happening to it next? The best bet is to sell it back to the manufacturer, who will actually be able to use the spare parts or revive the device for further use. An old iPhone is still an immensely powerful device, and if you broke your screen, or would fancy a new one, people of less financial affluence could buy it for a fraction of a price. For example, most of the “used” gadgets of Japan are sent to third-world Asian countries, and that’s where they have their second life.

What is another way you could do your part? Use your phone less! The less time you spend on your phone, the more energy and battery quality you conserve. Let’s make a simple analogy. Cars require fuel, and they can work for a while, as long as 10-20 years for old models. But over time, they become less efficient, are more prone to breaking, and are constantly getting behind in technology. The same concept applies to your smartphone! Except its peak performance is only about 2-3 years, and with better use, could be extended to 3-5 years. But that’s it. So how do you extend it? Let’s explore below!

Do Yourself And Your Phone A Service 

There is a thing that you can do to yourself that will both significantly drain your mental health and your phone’s battery. And guess what. It’s sitting on your phone all the time. If you are using your device every moment you are awake, don’t wonder why the battery needs replacement every year or so.

Apple smartphone batteries are designed for approximately one thousand charging cycles. That means that each time you charge your device, that number goes down by one. When it reaches zero, that’s the moment the fruit company recommends either swapping out your internal juice or the device entirely.

For regular folks, that is supposed to happen every 2-3 years. If you do the math, it’s quite simple. There are 365 days a year, and that translates to roughly 1000 days in three years. Simple? Yeah. Applicable to real life? Not always. Some users, especially millennials, are so addicted to their devices that they use beyond 100% of a battery in a single day. How so? The battery is designed to handle more than half a day’s worth of hours. Even so, you can manage to use it faster. Here is how it’s not (and these are exactly the things you shouldn’t be doing).

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Going Overkill

If you are watching videos all the time, swiping Instagram, posting on Facebook, and checking your email from time to time, your phone is perfectly designed to handle that. But if you do all of these things simultaneously, adding constant (and I mean every minute) notifications popping on your screen, downloads that are running in the background, and 4G or 5G use all day, your phone will die much sooner.

As a consequence of torturing your poor gadget on an ongoing basis, day to day, its battery and other internals will heat up faster and use up its limited resources. Want to know other reasons your battery is draining faster? Check out a Japanese article on They sure do know what they are talking about, as they are one of the most advanced nations in the entire world.

Charging Your Battery Proper Is A Must

This is a topic that’s ripe with myth and old-school thought, that doesn’t apply to Lithium batteries at all. It honestly deserves a post on its own, and that’s why I would like to refer you to an official discussion on the Apple website.