How to Transfer Files from Computer to iPhone without iTunes

Most of the persons spend their valuable time on the front Computer for their business purpose or any personal uses. We cannot see the person without knowing a computer. A computer is not so enormous, but it is sizeable unbelievable how much data it contains! Everyone knows that there are files in it.

It Contains a huge set of data related to the business documents, files, papers, videos, and any pictures or images. Here you can find the Complete details about How to Transfer Files from Computer to iPhone without iTunes

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Most of the business people are looking to travel from business to another business with many files and documents holding their laptops. And the persons may have many critical data on your computer; however, it is not possible to carry the concern documents with a computer and carrying it wherever going.

Consequently, transporting files from Computer to your convenient iPhone / iPad is a really good idea, and it’s necessary when you want to observe the files on your computer for business or any other relevant things during the rest or break time. Now, let’s discuss how to transfer files from Computer to iPhone / iPad.

We can transfer files from Computers to iPhones with the help of iTunes, but many users are raising the issue of errors like error-.No. 54 and Many users are having too many questions, and queries are below listed how to transfer files from windows pc to iPhone without iTunes?

  1.    How copy files to iPhone without iTunes free?
  2.    How to transfer files from laptop to iPhone without iTunes?
  3.    How to transfer files from pc to iPad using USB?
  4.    How to transfer files from iPad to pc without iTunes?
  5.    How to transfer files from pc to iPhone via USB without iTunes?

So, how do you transfer files from Computers to concern devices without other platforms like iTunes? Read on and check the following effective free tips to solve your problems. Here are the other good ways to do transfer the files from Computer to iPhone.

Transfer files from Computer to iPhone using Mail

Email is advanced technology and broadly used for a business communication system that is supported to store data, files, and documents and can send and receive the data from various locations and devices. The importance and uses of email in business information are famous than any other intelligence tool.

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The easiest technique to transfer computer files on the iPhone is by distribution yourself an email. Then right of entry the Mail on iPhone, open the attachment, and accumulate them to your preferred location.

Through Mail, you can get access to send audio, video and presentations and files like pdf and documents etc. Still, it is not the valid option to transfer a huge number of data.

You have to assure constant internet connection with great speed to effectively download the bulky attachments.

And also, there is a size limit for emails as Gmail, and Yahoo allows only up to 25MB. Moreover, there is not possible to send more than 25Mb like Films and heavy files.

Transfer files from Computer to iPhone using Data Recovery Software

The iPhone contains the features to recollect the lost data from third-party tools. Some tools are presenting their unique software to collect and restore the data or recovering all kinds of lost files from iPad,iPhone, and iCloud backup files.

or otherwise, go for standard software like stellar enable you to import files from the Computer. Here is another way to transfer the files from the Computer.

Correlate your iPhone to Windows or Mac Computer via USB cable. Download the software and reflect the on-screen directions to transfer the files from Computer to iPhone without iTunes.

You can send images, videos, music files, contacts, calendars, important bookmarks and lists, and other reports to the iPhone. There is no limit for the files you are importing in the software process.

Transfer files from Computer to iPhone via Cloud Drive

Managing Cloud recorded system like iCloud in the iPhone devices, there is possible to Backup and synchronization is done and simpler features like Dropbox performs inspecting and obtaining computer information or data on iPhone devices.

Actually, there is no function in the cloud to transfer the files from Computer to iPhone, but the user can get access to the concern data available on iOS.

You can observe and update your computer files on the iPhone. To obtain the files of PC to iPhone through Cloud Drive, do the following

Open your Computer and iPhone to download and install Cloud drive instantly. Make Synchronise the iOS device to Cloud drive into it and pull the wanted files into the drive folder on your PC now, user can be available to view the required files and folders on the iPhone.

Transfer files from Computer to iPhone Using wifi

A wifi association is needed to correlate and transport files from Computer to iPhone or transfer files from iPhone to the Computer using FileMaster.

With the help of FileMaster, it is easy to transfer files from Computer to iPhone; it acts as a local wifi transfer between iOS and Computer from a local connection. This tool operates extremely quick speed to transfer files from PC to iOS devices.

Operate wifi in the local home place or any other location having a wifi network

Open file manager in the iPhone

Click on the More button on the right corner to open the menu and tap wifi connection to transfer files from Computer to iPhone

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Transfer files from Computer to iPhone Using SHARE IT

Utilizing ShareIt applications is one of the Active ways to send files between iPhone and Computer. In this, we will guide you through transferring files from Computer to iPhone.

Open your Computer to download ShareIt application and Install it, and the same way open your iPhone to download and install the ShareIt app from Google play store.

Choose the file on your PC you want to send and tap and draw the file onto the SHAREit applications.

This will transfer a file receiving information on your iPhone. Tap OK in the information on iPhone

The file is carried to the iPhone from your computer.

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Perfect everything was detailed explained in the above ways to transfer files from Computer to iPhone / iPad. So users can easily transfer computer files, documents, videos, and audios.

So wherever if you want, you can transfer files related to business presentations, images, videos, and music files, etc. From Computer to iPhone without iTunes.

As we techfordaily support our users to find the best and simple methods to send or transfer files from Computer to iPhone .if you found any other ways to transfer the files, please comment below to enlist in the article.

Thank You!


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