How To Sell On GCP Marketplace?

In this article we learn about How To Sell On GCP Marketplace?

GCP Marketplace is considered to be the best solution for those software development companies that want to sell their software solutions and boost their sales. However, several other options are available to sell the software but it has been believed that GCP Marketplace is the best option amongst all others.

In addition to this, the process to get started with GCP marketplace is also very easy. The software development companies don’t have to face any difficulty while registering with this marketplace. Although to explain the process to start selling with the GCP marketplace I have written few steps below, therefore let’s take a look.

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Step 1. Submit your application.

To market our application on the GCP Marketplace, we first need to submit the application or the business in the GCP Marketplace. Because unless you don’t submit the application to the GCP marketplace you can’t market your application to the customers. Therefore, the app developers need to submit the application to the marketplace, so that your application can be seen and purchased by more and more people and as a result the sale of your application increases.

However, it is not enough to submit the application to the GCP Marketplace, it should also meet all the needs of the GCP. Therefore, to do this you need to review your application properly. Because if you submit your application to the marketplace without reviewing it properly and if later some error occurred in your application then it will be very difficult for you to market your application as the team at GCP marketplace will not approve those applications which have issues. Apart from this you also need to add all the payment options so that the customer who purchases your software can easily make payment.

Step 2. Upload photos.

Once the application has been submitted successfully to the GPC marketplace, then you need to upload the container pictures, this is one of the important steps for the verification as based on this test it will decide that whether the application is eligible to release or not.

Step 3. Add the Software solution.

In the third step, it is important to upload a software solution that you wish to market to the customers within the GCP Marketplace. Once the software has been added successfully you must write all the important details regarding your software solution. So that the customers can get all the essential details about your software solution. In addition, you are also required to set up the versions of the software which you want to add to the marketplace.

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Step 4. Testing by GCP team to approve your software.

Once you submit your software to the marketplace then the team at GCP will perform security scanning, functional testing, and metering integration testing to make sure that the software is beneficial to add to the marketplace and can be easily attracted or sold by the customers. However, if your software can’t pass this test then your software might not be added to the GCP Marketplace. Therefore, be prepared enough before adding the software solution and make all the necessary changes in your software solution if needed.


Hope you understand all the steps regarding how to start selling on GCP Marketplace. Therefore, if you also want to take advantage of your software solution by selling it then you must use the GCP marketplace to sell your software. For more such types of articles keep updated with us.