How To Design Custom Wax Paper For Your Business 

When you visit any restaurant, you want your food to be packaged well whether you take it home or eat it in the restaurant. Foods like burgers, hotdogs or sandwiches are some of the things that need to be packaged well for your clients. If you have come up with your paper for wrapping up your food, you want it to shine and look good for your customers. In case you don’t know what type of paper wrap you can use for your business, then you should try out the custom butcher paper. This particular paper wax is coated with food-safe wax, which acts as a barrier to moisture and grease and keeps your packaging design perfectly intact. 

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Moreover, the custom waxed paper is safe since it is FDA approved, printed with water-based food-safe ink, and 100% forest stewardship council certified. Since the materials are made from eco-friendly, noissue waxed paper, this paper can be recycled after use. 

How to get started with custom wax paper design 

  • The first and most important thing you need to do is to match your brand colours with Pantone printing and come up with a design featuring your business name, logo or pattern or illustration. 
  • Regarding the background, you could choose a white or kraft paper background for your wax paper and one Pantone colour. When you choose the white background, white doesn’t add up as a colour, but when you opt for the kraft background, white is the colour. 
  • Your text height should be at least 0.8mm. 
  • Line thickness should be at least 0.3mm.
  • Keep important elements at least 5 mm from trim lines to avoid being cut off. 

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How to use custom wax paper with your food 

The custom wax paper can be used to wrap, line or be placed under different types of food, and it works best when paired with savoury goods as they tend to be more greasy. If you sell hamburgers, hotdogs or toasted sandwiches, the custom paper wrap is definitely what you need. This particular wrap paper won’t lose its vibrancy, no matter how hot or greasy the food is.  

When it comes to takeouts, custom wax paper is the best option for you since its 40gsm thickness makes sure any moisture or grease is absorbed and does not leak through the exterior packaging. But if you sell cool baked goods when they are placed onto a plate or into a box, you will need a more lightweight parchment paper that has no coating. 


When you have a food business, you need the right equipment for everything, whether it’s the packaging tools, the cutlery or the wrapping paper. All need to be perfect. To be able to get here, you need to make sure you have the best in your business, and this is why we have talked about how custom wax paper can help your business to thrive. You could also look for websites where you can learn how to design some of the best custom wax papers if you don’t want to buy any.