How to Create a Natural Disaster Preparedness Plan

A staggering 6 in every 10 Americans believe that they will be personally impacted by a natural disaster within the next 3-5 years.

The time to create a natural disaster preparedness plan was yesterday. But, if you haven’t done so yet, the next best time to prepare is right now.

A disaster can strike at any time, but a suitable plan can help rectify even the most unexpected of issues. We’re going to go into detail about what a natural disaster preparedness plan is, and how you can create your own.

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What Is a Natural Disaster Preparedness Plan?

Put simply, this is a plan that you create to prepare yourself for a natural disaster.

It includes a plan of action, as well as the purchase of supplies you might need in a crisis. Anything that’s involved with crisis prevention relating to a natural disaster, it’s included within a preparedness plan.

There are some plan aspects that are universal, regardless of what disaster you’re expecting. But there are more specific things you can do if you’re expecting a certain disaster, like a volcanic eruption or a tsunami.

Now you know what it is, let’s quickly go through how to create one of your own.

How to Create a Natural Disaster Preparedness Plan

The first stage in creating an emergency response of this magnitude is identifying the hazards themselves. Once you know the kind of disaster you’re expecting, you’ll be ready to better prevent.

If this is a family disaster plan, you need to get together to discuss your options. Make sure you involve everyone in planning from day one so that everyone knows their role should a disaster occur.

You’ll likely need to create a supply kit. This will differ slightly depending on your disaster but can include a first aid kit, emergency food supplies, and other items.

Make sure you’ve purchased and collated all of these items; there won’t be any time to do so if a disaster strikes.

It is also very important to have some knowledge in first aid and CPR to be able to know how to assess and address most injuries in times of emergencies and disasters. Anyone interested in learning first aid and CPR can take up Ottawa first aid training courses online.

You’ll also need to prepare a list of emergency contacts. These are people you know you can rely on to talk to if a disaster happens. Usually, people include close friends or family members on this list.

Finally, and most importantly, you need to know your rights and prepare accordingly. A disaster can destroy homes or livelihoods with no care to the consequences.

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You need to communicate with a professional beforehand, so you know who to call on when the time comes. 

An insurance claim can be the difference between financial ruin from a disaster and true reconciliation. Contact before disaster strikes and you’ll be ready should the time come.

Where Can I Find Out More?

Now you know the major steps you need to take to create your own natural disaster preparedness plan. Disasters can be scary occurrences, however, whether you’re preparing for them or are in the center of one.

To help plan ahead, or find out more about natural disasters or other daily news, make sure to read through some previous posts here on our website.