How to choose your wig?

The wig is a timeless hair accessory. Indeed, its use does not date from today, because it had already been used for centuries by men, especially by the nobility. Currently, it remains very popular to hide hair loss or to change your look. And there are many new models coming this year. For your info, headband wigs are increasingly popular.

This immense success has led manufacturers to offer a wide range of hair prostheses. Apart from synthetic models, there are also wigs with natural hair. Recently, new prostheses have been very successful. These are the frontal lace, the natural full lace wig, and many more. Faced with this variety of offers, it is not easy to make the right choice. So, to find your way around quickly, here are some tips.

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Wigs with natural and invisible effects

Currently, wig models are more and more impressive. This is the case of 360 wig so called thanks to its natural and invisible effect. Indeed, unlike a classic wig, it is undetectable because there is no demarcation at the forehead. It is therefore perfect for concealing hair loss.

Also, you should know that the 360 ​​wig is easy to wear. It is mounted on the forehead thanks to a tulle in itself (composed of adhesive strips) imitating the color of the skin. Its location therefore goes unnoticed. This is all the more interesting thanks to the short hair placed in front of the wig and the texture that resembles the scalp.

This to say that the lace 360 ​​is a type of wig to have to have a beautiful mane that perfectly conforms to the shape of the face. Plus, contrary to popular belief, it’s affordable. For more information on this, please see here.

However, apart from this very popular model, there is also a full lace wig that covers not only the forehead, but also the back of the neck and ears. This surprising feature makes styling easier, as you can achieve a ponytail or bun while still looking natural.

Wigs made of natural hair or synthetic fibers

Based on its material of manufacture, there are two types of wigs: synthetic prosthesis (the classic model) and natural hair wig. While both can hide hair loss, they each have their own specificities. As the name suggests, the human hair wigs are made from human hair. As such, she can be styled however you like. In this case, it can be wavy, smoothed, cut or colored, etc. In addition, there are also models of lace frontal 360 wig in natural hair. Nevertheless, to find cheap lace frontal models, it is advisable to compare the offers on the market.

But the only downside with a natural hair wig is certainly its weight. Indeed, it is quite heavy, especially if it is wet. In addition, it requires extensive care, which is not the case with a synthetic wig. Made with vegetable fibers, it is much lighter. It also does not require tiring maintenance, because it does not require styling or regular cleaning.

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A wig that perfectly matches the shape of the face

To make the right choice, you must choose a wig that perfectly matches the shape of the face. For example, if you have a round face, then it is better to opt for a model that lengthens and refines the face. To do this, a long prosthesis is ideal. You can vary your pleasures by choosing smooth or wavy hair fibers.

On the other hand, if you want to highlight the oval shape of the face, it is better to choose a short, mid-length, or wavy wig. Usually, with a beautiful color, it is perfect for softening the eyes. For people with triangular faces, long or mid-length hair prostheses will enhance their complexion. Thus, they will be able to refine the lower part of their face, while adding volume to the mane.

And finally, if you have a thin face, a voluminous wig is excellent because it gives relief to your hair. As for the cut, you can choose between short and long, without any problem.

The base of the wig

Before buying a wig, don’t forget to check the base. This is the part that will come into contact with the scalp. On this point, you can opt for a wig with a monofilament cap. This model is advantageous insofar as it ensures unequaled comfort to the one who wears it. Entirely sewn by hand, it imitates the scalp while leaving a natural effect. In this case, you can style it as you wish.