How Nonprofit Recruiters Helps Nonprofit Firm

It can be a problem to search for a job which suits a job seeker qualification and also for which he is passionate about. Even if a candidate is very qualified at his work, he may find himself longing for meaningful work. The good news is that a candidate may find a job that pays his bills and allows him to work for the specific cause he wants to serve. The nonprofit sector is the place where he may find such opportunities, or we can say that this is the place where a candidate can perform both of the worldly or philanthropic cause.

Nonprofit is a business sector that provides some public service and has been deemed to tax exemption. It may include public charities, private foundations, and other nonprofit organizations, like chambers of commerce, fraternal companies, and civic leagues. If a person is looking to make the world a better place by his work, a nonprofit sector can be the way to go.

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Misconceptions about the nonprofit sector:

The most highlighted misconception about nonprofit jobs is that they exclusively volunteer, and a person would not get a decent wage against the work provided. While remuneration is based on the company’s size and type, as in any industry, it is not impossible to make a good living working for a nonprofit company.

Like all other organizations, nonprofit remunerations are budgeted over the company’s overhead operational costs, and salaries may vary on the market demand of a position and wages of the same places at a similar nonprofit organization.

Bringing in nonprofit staffing agency services:

Nonprofit staffing agency can provide many benefits to nonprofit employers and job seekers. A nonprofit agency:

  • Has the time and resources to perform a thorough search.
  • Maintains a massive network of potential candidates across industries.
  • Has contact with passive job seekers who cannot apply directly against a specific post.
  • Knows the positives to look for in an exact hire.
  • Knows the transferable qualities (should an outsider of that nonprofit’s scope can apply).
  • Can get employees for some technical or executive roles that want specific credentials.

Benefits can get by hiring a nonprofit staffing agency:

Nonprofit staffing agencies are particularly valuable to nonprofit employers because of their vast network of passive and active job seekers qualified and interested in performing support roles. While some nonprofit staffing agencies work only for the nonprofit industry.

As nonprofit staffing agencies work in both the nonprofit and for-profit sectors, they can bring the employer job seekers already present in the nonprofit sector and highly skilled candidates looking for opportunities in their considerable skills somewhere where they can make a difference by their work. The applicants they work with can have administrative experience either as an assistant to the CEO or Director or in any administrative support roles in project management, finance, marketing, event management, fundraising, and grants.

By working with a broader network in the search for candidates, nonprofit staffing agencies can give an advantage to both job seekers looking to transition from for-profit employment to the nonprofit sector. They can also help nonprofit organizations who want to expand their talent pool and try to find a broader selection of people.

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Nonprofit staffing agencies can provide several different employees in various departments for the following roles:

  • Executive leadership:

CEO, COO, CFO, Interim executive leadership

  • Finance:

CFO, finance director, accountant, bookkeeper, audit assistant

  • Development:

CDO, VP, grants, partnership, development director

  • Operations:

COO, VP, director, operation and project manager, facilities coordinator

  • Human resource:

Generalist, recruiter, CHRO, VP, support, analyst

  • Programs:

VP, program director, and manager, project manager, program assistant, bilingual staff

  • Administrative:

Data entry, receptionist, office manager, temporary administrative support

  • Marketing:

CMO, creative assistant, VP, communication, and event manager


If a nonprofit employer is looking to hire mid to senior-level professionals, then a nonprofit staffing agency can help focus on nonprofit causes. Nonprofit staffing goes beyond the resume to engage a leadership that should be a cultural fit for nonprofit clients. By planned searching for candidates with the personality, values, ethics, and necessary skills, nonprofit staffing agencies can be more successful in finding candidates who are the best fit for the nonprofit sector.