Some people question how they might get Social Security disability payments if they have a medical condition that prevents them from working. Disability benefits are available through the Social Security Administration to anyone who is unable to work as a result of a medical condition. Phoenix social security disability attorney uses this medical guidance to determine whether or not an individual is considered legally disabled and, as a result, eligible for assistance from the firm.

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Medically Eligible For Social Security Benefits

You must meet the Blue Book criteria regarding your condition to be eligible for disability compensation. It’s possible to meet the requirements for a much more common ailment listed in the Booklet, but with the same symptoms and effects as your condition.

You can use Part 2.02, which addresses loss of eyesight, or Section 2.04, which addresses loss of visual efficiency, for example, if you have a problem that isn’t specified but causes vision problems. According to the Blue Book, if your health worsens to the point where your vision drops to 20/200 or lower, you’ll be eligible for benefits.

However, you may be eligible for benefits even if your disease does not appear in the Blue Book. You can also use a medical-vocational allowance to get benefits approved. All the medical conditions, therapies, side effects, and symptoms are considered as a whole during this process.

The Blue Book does not list symptoms such as blurred vision, nausea, exhaustion, or dizziness. Therefore, you should ensure that all of those are included in your medical history. If your doctor says you can’t lift or bend over due to your nausea and dizziness, make a note of that. Make sure you have medical paperwork from your doctor if you can’t stand for more than 30 minutes. You may be eligible for disability benefits if you combine all this information.

  •  Importance Of Documentation Cannot Be Overstated.

You must establish that your disease prevents you from working to ensure an excellent disability claim and receive monthly benefits. Having your doctor fill out a residual functional capacity form might be valuable. The RFC document lays down what you can or cannot do and the length of time you can sit or stand. Ensure that your doctor carefully notes your symptoms and documents them in your medical file.

Schedule regular checkups with your primary care physician and any specialists who may be recommended. Take note of any bodily changes or restrictions you see over time. These documents can substantially impact your prospects of having your claim accepted and receiving monthly compensation.

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  • Extremely Uncommon disabilities

The SSA must do a case-by-case analysis for a small subset of unusual disabilities.

A disability lawyer or advocate can help you if you are preparing to file a claim seeking disability benefits. Benefits claims are more likely to be approved with the support of a knowledgeable advocate. The sooner you begin this process, the better, as it can take a long time.


You and your family can trust Disability Attorneys since they have the professional experience and legal expertise necessary in this area. They are there to assist you in resolving any concerns regarding the application process for Social Security disability benefits and depression. Get in touch with them right now to take advantage of their free consultation with no strings attached. They offer Disability Benefits representation throughout the whole state of Arizona from their office in Phoenix, including in the cities of Surprise, Peoria, Scottsdale, Gilbert, and Chandler.

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