Great Destinations for Family Vacations

Spending quality time with your family is important and one of the best ways you can do it is by enjoying a much-needed vacation together. This is the perfect opportunity for you to connect, create special memories and find time to relax. After spending the recent years in lockdowns, the need for a getaway has never felt more prevalent, so if you are starting to think about what you can do for your next family vacation, here are a few recommendations for ideal destinations that all ages will love.

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Florida has always been a popular destination with families and it’s easy to see why. Not only is there plenty of glorious sunshine, but this state can also offer a lot to keep the entire family entertained. There are various beautiful beaches to explore for those who want to relax in the sun or enjoy a romantic stroll at dusk with their partner. If you want to move away from the seaside, exploring the Everglades on an airboat is another option that can be an interesting experience for all ages. There are also plenty of things to do in Orlando, including shopping and several theme parks to choose from. 


This is a popular choice over the festive season as it truly is a winter wonderland, and both adults and kids alike will love being surrounded by white snow and the magical atmosphere. However, while it is a great place to visit during this time, that doesn’t mean it isn’t still worth exploring at other times of the year as well. Not only will visiting Lapland during the spring and summer months likely be more affordable, but it is just as wonderful during these seasons as it is in the heart of winter. Ideal for families looking for a beautiful landscape and a sense of adventure – and you’ll get to experience the Midnight Sun, too! 

New York City

When you think about NYC, you might associate it more with an exciting city break than a family vacation. However, this can be an ideal destination to take the kids to, and it’s perfect for those who are looking for a vibrant atmosphere with plenty of cultures. There are many museums, art galleries, theaters, restaurants, and much more to explore with the kids for a truly enriching experience for everyone. You could even spend one day having some fun at Coney Island, or take a day trip out of the city if you wanted to see more rural areas of New York.

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Lake Como, Italy

Italy is a great destination for a vacation, but Lake Como can be a perfect choice for family getaways. Not only is the scenery idyllic with the beautiful lake surrounded by mountains, but this also allows for a variety of fun options to fill your days. This could include swimming and trips out on the water, hiking, a ride on the funicular railway, as well as dining out in some excellent restaurants. It’s certain to become a family favorite!

Cancun, Mexico

This destination might be synonymous with spring break – but while students might flock here to party during this time of year, Cancun is also a great place to escape to with the family for your annual vacation. There are many excellent resorts to choose from in this area that can cater to your needs, and you can enjoy a range of water sports, a lazy afternoon at the beach, and tour some Mayan ruins for history buffs. 

If you are trying to decide the best place to go for your family vacation this year, consider the suggestions above and see which ones could be ideal for you and your loved ones.