Google Task Mate App Invitation Code Updated (New Working)

Google has recently launched Task Mate App (Beta) in India. This App provides access to variety of simple tasks. With the Google Task Mate app, users can earn money by doing simple tasks on their smartphones. These simple tasks are related to the Google App Ecosystem.

Task Mate App (beta) is limited to selected testers at this moment. So it is suggested to download this app if and only if you have a valid referral code as they are unable to extend further invites at this time. So only the limited users can be able to use the complete version of the App.  After successful testing of the beta version, they soon give the access to the remaining users.

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How to install Google Task Mate App with Invitation code?

  1. First of all, Download Task Mate beta app from Google play store
  2. Open the app and login with your Gmail account
  3. After, Select your preferred language (English, Hindi, Tamil etc) and Click on continue
  4. Enter the Referral code which we have provided some working invitation Codes below
  5. Accept the terms and conditions and proceed next (Please note that you will be proceeded to the next section of taskmate App only if you enter valid referral invitation code or else you may get error)
  6. Once your Invitation Code is successfully validated, You will get to see the available tasks in TaskMate App.
  7. Complete the tasks accurately and submit them. Google will review and verify them. You can check all approved and pending tasks under ” My Tasks Sections”
  8. When you’re ready to cash out, simply register your e-wallet or account with Google payment partner in the app
  9. Visit your profile page and hit the “cash out” button. You can then withdraw your earnings in your local currency.

Here are the Latest Task Mate Invitation Codes/New Referral Codes for Beta Version (India)

  • Referral Code 58: 9FMXW7 (Working)
  • Referral Code 57: 7ZQKW9 (Working)
  • Referral Code 56: X5GY7K (Expired)
  • Referral Code 55: 6RT51O (Expired)
  • Referral Code 54: Z9MQP3 (Expired)
  • Referral Code 53: 39DKB4 (Expired)
  • Referral Code 52: L9AEU6 (Expired)
  • Referral Code 51: 4M7ST9 (Expired)
  • Referral Code 50: C5HW0A (Expired)
  • Referral Code 49: JW6K2Q (Expired)
  • Referral Code 48: 7BRK81 (Expired)
  • Referral Code 47: S7B3K9 (Expired)
  • Referral Code 46: XG46VQ (Expired)
  • Referral Code 45: DH6U2N (Expired)
  • Referral Code 44: 2BKHX5 (Expired)
  • Referral Code 43: N2WSQ7 (Expired)
  • Referral Code 42: V9FH4K (Expired)
  • Referral Code 41: MD3H1K (Expired)
  • Referral Code 40: 54Q6XK (Expired)
  • Referral Code 39: D26BH0 (Expired)
  • Referral Code 38: G3HM90 (Expired)
  • Referral Code 37: 24HMZ7 (Expired)
  • Referral Code 36: XH54Z7 (Expired)
  • Referral Code 35: C90ZTF (Expired)
  • Referral Code 34: G9K18M (Expired)
  • Referral Code 33: 1KBLB6 (Expired)
  • Referral Code 32: 57HZD9 (Expired)
  • Referral Code 31: RS43TF (Expired)
  • Referral Code 30: GTY53K (Expired)
  • Referral Code 29: 6YJI9P (Expired)
  • Referral Code 28: X67JNP (Expired)
  • Referral Code 27: X7Q7GR (Expired)
  • Referral Code 26: 3GHMO6 (Expired)
  • Referral Code 25: H97YVB (Expired)
  • Referral Code 24: ZK76TH (Expired)
  • Referral Code 23: 86HZE1 (Expired)
  • Referral Code 22: Q2D6JH (Expired)
  • Referral Code 21: 15ZIT9 (Expired)
  • Referral Code 20: Q9MP07 (Expired)
  • Referral Code 19: V9LB22 (Expired)
  • Referral Code 18: 0Z1M5T (Expired)
  • Referral Code 17: 5BQ5ZL (Expired)
  • Referral Code 16: 7XBI6O (Expired)
  • Referral Code 15: G49K6R (Expired)
  • Referral Code 14: 5SBP4X (Expired)
  • Referral Code 13: P0CGJU (Expired)
  • Referral Code 12: 8CVLQ0 (Expired)
  • Referral Code 11: Q0LLQ2 (Expired)
  • Referral Code 10: 3RC80L (Expired)
  • Referral Code 9: 78BHU6 (Expired)
  • Referral Code 8: CZ69M1 (Expired)
  • Referral Code 7: YM7D3K (Expired)
  • Referral Code 6: 9JPAS6 (Expired)
  • Referral Code 5: H79W4O (Expired)
  • Referral Code 4: 7BZ6YG (Expired)
  • Referral Code 3: 3ESZ4R (Expired)
  • Referral Code 2: X8IJ52 (Expired)
  • Referral Code 1: 3RC80L (Expired)

Last Updated on 4:48 p.m Saturday (28th Nov 2020)

Where can I get Fresh Invitation Codes and Latest Working Free Referral Codes for Google Task Mate App ?

Here in this article. we update Google Task App Fresh Invitation Codes every hour. You can join our Taskmate Telegram Group where existing users share their Referral Codes. You can also get TaskMate invitation codes from youtube Channels, Websites. But remember when you enter a code there is a limit for entering codes If you cross the limit, you may not able to use Task Mate App.

Because the Google has set a limit for this referral code which means the existing Taskmate user can refer upto 3 friends only. So the new users are always advised to use secondary google account for testing any invitation codes that you get from internet. Use your main account only if you are sure that code is valid. As the App is in Beta Version, It is very difficult to get a working Referral Code, but we trying our best to get as many referral codes from the existing TaskMate users. Always stay tuned to this website to get Fresh and Working Latest Referral codes.

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Difference between Google Task Mate and Google Opinion Rewards App ?

Although TaskMate App has some similar tasks as in Google Opinion Rewards app. The Main Difference is, In Google Opinion App, users get Play Store credits in exchange of doing surveys. But in Taskmate App, users can withdraw their earning as payment in their bank accounts so that they can spend it in daily needs.

Frequently Asked Questions related to Google Task Mate App:

Do I need any Qualification to Register in Google Task Mate App ?

Candidates do not need any qualification to participate in Google Taskmate. Any user who have basic skills can be able to do the tasks.

What type of Tasks will be given in Task Mate App ?

Recording Spoken Sentences, Transcribe Sentences, Checking Shop Details, Finding Nearby Tasks, Translate sentences from English to your Local language like Hindia, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali.

Can I Choose any Tasks in Google Task Mate App as per my Wish ?

Yes, you can do Tasks as per your comfortability, In case you’re not intrigued by an assignment or can’t do it, you can decide to skip it.

How much Google TaskMate pay for Each Task ?

As per American TaskMate App, Users gets 0.25 USD ~ 18 Rupees for taking a Photo of Store front.

Do I need Paypal Account to withdraw money in Google TaskMate App ?

Payment will be in Indian Currency INR. So, There will be various withdrawl methods in TaskMate App.

How i can Withdraw earned rewards in TaskMate App ?

When you’re ready to cash out, simply register your e-wallet and then visit your profile page and hit the “cash out” button. You can then withdraw your earnings in your Indian currency (INR).

What is the minimum withdrawl amount in Google Task Mate App ?

The Minimum withdrawl cashout amount in TaskMate App is 10$ ~ 750Rs (This may variey in Indian TaskMate App)

Can I withdraw Google Task Mate rewards cash in Paytm App ?

As per available information, you can withdraw taskmate Cash rewards in Bank account through UPI.

Note: Codes are refreshed from time to time. If you have fresh invitation codes of Google Taskmate Comment below, For more information regarding Google TaskMate App, see our previous article