Furniture Removal- Do’s and Don’ts

Any furniture that should be moved to a new home or simply gotten rid of should be handled with care. Remember, if you mishandle it, you may break it or have it hurt other small household items. It can also cause injuries to the mover. There are various things you should adhere to if you want to have smooth furniture moving. The process of moving furniture-be it new or getting rid of the old- may not be easy, especially if you intend to do it by yourself. 

You should seek the services of furniture Removal Company. They know how to move furniture more professionally. However, if you cannot hire experts for this task, you can still do it by yourself. You will need to adhere to the following dos and don’ts. 

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Have a list and inspect the furniture

It is always a good idea to separate the items you need from the ones you do not require. Truly, you have all the items in your house that need to be moved on your head. But it pays to have them listed down. It will be easy to handle the only items you should remove than jangling from this furniture to another one only to realize it wasn’t meant for removal. 

Besides, you should perform a quick inspection of the furniture you intend to move. This is to ascertain that the furniture is not damaged. If you come across any furniture that should be handled carefully due to breakage, mark it as fragile. That way, you prevent further damage to the furniture. 

Clean the furniture and take measurements

You should clean the furniture you intend to move. But the cleaning should be necessarily intensive. You can just dust them off. But if you are moving to a new house, the best thing to do is to clean them. There is no sense in moving furniture to a new home with several layers of dust. Also, you must measure your furniture. The reason why you need the measurements is simple. You will know if it will fit in the doors or in the same that you intend to place it on the truck. 

Put on comfortable clothes.

You should put on clothes that are flexible and comfortable. The shoes you wear must be closed-toe type. You must avoid slippery shoes at all costs. It will be easy to handle furniture if you wear comfortable clothes and non-slippery shoes. You will not trip when trying to move the furniture to the truck. 


Avoid rush

You must never rush when moving furniture to a new home. You should make sure all the pieces of furniture are organized before you even move them to the truck. You will need to use the list you prepared. This helps you a lot. Rushing may lead to forgetting some items that were to be ferried or even damaging some of the furniture. 

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Avoid sliding furniture on the floor.

If you slide the heavy pieces of furniture along the floors, you may damage them. You can make use of sliders that will help the heavy furniture move freely without damaging the floor. Damage to the floor is costly and may end up eating into your budget. 

Do not Pack Any Damaged Goods.

Use the list you had prepared to only move the furniture that is not damaged. You should not pack the damaged items. And if you have to move them, mark them as fragile. But that is if you intend to revamp and continue using them. You can leave the damaged furniture behind. 

Do not move unprotected items.

Furniture should never be moved when not well-wrapped. When the furniture is being transported, you cannot claim that safety is guaranteed. Accidents may happen and cause severe damage to the unwrapped furniture. Take caution to make sure you have all the furniture protected. 

Never use bubble wrap tape.

You should maintain the overall quality of your furniture’s surface by not using bubble wrap tape or any other tape that could damage its surface. Remember, the tape is sticky, and it could be hard to clean the sticky substance from the surface. So, to avoid sticky substances on your items, funny trails of destroyed furniture surface and destroyed paint, you should avoid the use of bubble wrap tapes. 

Bottom Line

You should make sure you adhere to all the dos of moving furniture to your new home. Besides, it is not hard to list them down, dust or cleans the furniture, measure them, and put on comfortable clothes and some non-slippery shoes. Also, you should avoid certain tapes, rush, moving unprotected furniture, packing damaged items and if you need them, ensure you mark them as fragile. You can revamp them later and still use them.