What is the full form of PCS

(i) PCS: Provincial Civil Service

PCS(Provincial Civil Service) is a state level civil service. Its employees are worked under state Government and cannot be transferred to other states. Every state has its own public service commission which organize a multi layer exam to select employees. It is also known as state civil service.

(ii) Personal Communication Service

Personal Communication Service is a set of wireless communication capabilities that allows some combination of terminal mobility and service profile management. It is just like mobile communication service with a single difference that it allows extended mobility. It is usually smaller than mobile devices. It is used as a data and voice communication device over a wireless medium.

History of Personal Communication Service

The PCS network was firstly setup by an American company named “Sprint”. It was a GSM network in the Baltimore-Washington Metropolitan Area. Later, Sprint converted that network to CDMA technology and sold the GSM infrastructure to Omnipoint, which later become a part of T-Mobile USA.

Other PCS Full Forms

Acronym Expansion
PCS Pacific Central Station
PCS Process Control Systems
PCS Peripheral Computer Systems
PCS Portland Center Stage
PCS Permanent Change of Station