Essential Office Supplies to Keep Handy

For an office space to function without hassle, there have to be some basic supplies. These products can range from the pen, paper clips, and markers to printer and paper shredder. Every office worker is more productive when things are organised well. Here we have listed essential elements that are a must for a small office or home office. We hope this blog will be helpful for you. 

  • Files and Folders

Files and folder are meant for office spaces. It plays a very important role to segregate and organize documents. Even if the world has gone digital, we prefer to keep these important papers documented in a file or folder. There are various types of files available in the market with labels and multiple leaves. You can pick these in bulk for your office needs. 

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  • Sticky Notes

A sticky note is an important way to keep the task sheet in front of you. Even though you might be keeping track of your daily tasks in a planner, it is good to keep visual notification. Simply stick the note in front of your desk or laptop side that will encourage you to keep focused and help you manage short term goals one by one. 

  • Whiteboard

Whiteboard is necessary for any meeting room because it is used for drawing charts, making strategy plans and pen down highlights. Therefore spending on the whiteboard would be vital. So add this to the list of to-buy list. This is not only useful for big office space, but you can equally use it in home offices. 

  • Writing Equipment 

We are more used to keeping records in digital format, but we require physical paper and writing tools when it comes to planning or immediately jotting down some important points. You can buy pencils, pens, markers, erasers, sharpeners, highlighters and more. There is no harm in buying these in bulk. If you are setting up a new office, you can order from bulk purchasing websites like Industrybuying, and by using Industrybuying coupon code, you can get huge discounts. You can choose from many office stationery options on the website. 

  • Paper Organizers 

The office is generally full of papers. If we do not care to organize it, it will take no time to convert your office space to a clutter house.  So you will require to buy staplers, paper clips, Stapler, Staples, Stapler Remover, Rubber Bands, etc. These will help you bind papers and group them. When you get labelled file and folder, you can also segregate the documents using paper clips, office pins, punch machine and more. The key is, more segregated and grouped you keep your papers, the more productive you become. 

  • Paper Shredder

For any office space, it is important to keep a paper shredder machine handy. Majorly it keeps the desk clean when all the unwanted papers are shredded. Also, some official document is to be handled with care, so if it gets old or useless, it’s better to destroy it, so it doesn’t land in wrong hands. SO if your company works in crucial areas of security concerns, then paper shredder is a must. 

  • Printers

Another most important object you need to keep in the office is the printer. You need it, you absolutely need it, be it black and white or coloured, but it is supremely required. Nowadays, you get a compact model of printers that comes with a copier, scanner, and wi-fi connection, which will make your life easier. Get a few of those depending on the requirement and use them. 

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  • First Aid supplies

If you have 50 workstations in your office or 500, you certainly require first aid supplies to be prepared for any mishap. Keep the basic medical box ready for emergency and illness. Simple products like antiseptic liquid, cotton, spot band-aid, crepe bandage, medicines, thermometer, etc., will come in handy. Adding to this, analyse the risk factor in your working space and train the employees to handle a natural disaster. 


No matter where you have set your office, some elements are essential to be present on your office supplements buying list. Here we have mentioned eight must-have office supplies that will make your workspace organized and clutter-free. Sometimes we need positive vibes from the surrounding, and the desk elements will make you more organised. You can buy equipment and supplies online as well, which deals with bulk orders. We hope this blog was helpful for you.