Emerging Trends – What is NetBase Quid?

Actually, the title of this article asks two questions. Are what emerging trends? What is NetBase Quid? Continue reading to find out.

Emerging Trends

Let’s break it down.

Emerging means developing and growing.

Trends is a general direction in which something is developing, growing, or changing.

Simply put, an emerging trend is a subject area growing in interest and developing over time.

Here are some examples of emerging trends in education.

  • Gamification and app innovation
  • Digital literacy
  • Library media specialists
  • Self-directed professional development
  • Collaborative learning

There are practical tools that any business or industry can use to grow or change their business or develop a new business.

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 NetBase Quid

NetBase Quid is a consumer and market intelligence platform. They offer insights on business trends, connect with consumers, and understand competitors and the market. Using advanced artificial intelligence, they process billions of resources from all forms of structured and unstructured data to ensure their clients make smart, accurate, and data-driven decisions efficiently, quickly, and accurately.

How do they accomplish this?

Technology is continually changing. Those wanting to remain at the forefront of innovation need to adjust to these changes. Companies and customers alike are on board with these emerging trends in technology. As IT progresses to SaaS (software as a service) and cloud computing, users will look to brands that will deliver real-time efficiency and accuracy.

To meet the demands of technology-based consumerism, businesses and those providing solutions must rely on the emerging trends and possibilities provided by them to realize the full potential.

Artificial Intelligence

AI is potentially significant for business. It is not fully understood what the total capability of AI is. Artificial intelligence is a tool that, when used with machine learning, makes a dynamic combination. Businesses can use AI to achieve insight into purchasing behavior, improve client satisfaction, provide more efficient communication, streamline workflows, and achieve cost savings.

Machine learning analyzes large datasets and provides insight. We are just learning how artificial intelligence and machine learning can work in tandem to enable businesses. Examples of this are Amazon and Google. Enormous growth potential exists for solution providers who understand what AI can do to develop solutions to meet business demands. Artificial intelligence can also be used to identify service opportunities and new products.

What can be done using artificial intelligence?:

  • Identify trends most important to your market or clients
  • Develop a deep understanding of your industry, competition, and client base
  • Learn what motivates consumer behavior and attitudes
  • Learn to understand the difference between critical and non-critical business issues
  • Be able to identify new opportunities for services, products, and business investments

What is Next Generation AI Technologies?

AI technology is one that extracts meaning from data. It shows what is most important across billions of social media posts and millions of data sources, such as news, forums, blogs, review sites, patent and company information, and more.

The AI platform is enabled by patented algorithms, machine learning, deep learning, language analytics, and expert systems to provide in-depth insights. These insights provide the following:

  • Campaign strategy and optimization
  • Crisis management and alerting
  • Tech scouting
  • Trend analysis
  • Understanding and awareness of brand health and perception
  • Competitive intelligence

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NetBase Quid Delivers Insights

NetBase Quid delivers strategic insights that drive your business. Their insights can eliminate hours and days of time and effort required to analyze the necessary data to drive your most operational and strategic business decisions.

Investment decisions

  • Unique company and patent datasets
  • Identify new markets and adjacencies

Brand Strategy

  • Evaluate brand perception across social, news, and  internal data
  • Network and sentiment analysis for prioritizing conversations

Public Relations and Communications

  • Risk sensing from customer trends, key opinion leaders, and news data
  • PR monitoring and measurement fo alerts on brand issues

Media Intelligence

  • Brand tracking in order to understand engagement and optimize campaigns
  • Content strategy from detailed category trends and customer segmentation

Customer Experience Optimization

  • Evaluate customer interactions for process and policy improvements
  • Track customer perceptions versus competitors over time

Any company can grow and develop with the assistance of a first-rate consumer and marketing intelligence platform. You just need to know where to look.