Earn a Business Degree from University of Phoenix

These days, the business world is much more than a briefcase and standard nine-to-five office job. The corporate landscape is more diverse than ever before, and a business career can afford you for a variety of opportunities. But as the market remains competitive, so does the race for employment. Read on to learn what could study while earning a Bachelor of Science in Business.

A Business Degree Could Lead to Business Success

A Bachelor of Science in Business degree equips students to solve organizational problems while solidifying their knowledge of core business concepts. The curriculum prepares students by familiarizing them with the standards of business while enforcing leadership and management skills. These fundamental abilities are crucial to success in any aspect of business, from start-ups to multinational corporations.

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Business degrees can be useful for tapping into growing industries like the retail and financial sectors or even the growing healthcare finance industry. By gaining an understanding of managerial skills, graduates can navigate the internal operations of any organization.

For those looking to further their current career, a Master of Business Administration (MBA) can help with advancement. An MBA can help you prepare for leadership roles such as Administrative Services or Operations Managers.

If you already have years of experience in business, an MBA can help solidify that expertise, allowing you to build a career, perhaps, as a freelance consultant. Career consultants can work from anywhere, sharing their knowledge with other companies by offering occasional problem-solving advice with specific business endeavors. Consultants provide helpful feedback on ways to improve operational efficiency and boost employee morale.

Graduates of business programs can also feel empowered with the knowledge needed to build their own company. Entrepreneurship, though challenging, offers the freedom of a self-employed lifestyle. A business degree can provide you with the solid foundation to help you take on the inner workings of the corporate world.

What Can You Earn With a Business Degree?

Business principles impact nearly every aspect of life, and so compensation is as varied as the jobs themselves. The average salary of a business professional compares well to other sectors. The 2020 Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) report stated that the median annual wage for business and financial occupations was $69,820.

Salaries range by geographical location, level of education, market and industry standards.

Here are some examples of median annual salary wages for common business professional roles according to the BLS May 2020 report:

Compensation Benefits Manager: $122,270

Compensation Benefits Managers monitor the competitive market to structure an organization’s compensation plans and employee benefits.

Administrative Services Manager: $96,940

Administrative Services Managers supervise administrative operations and oversee facility communications between staff, customers and vendors.

General Operations Manager: $100,930

General Operations Managers plan, coordinate and direct multiple departments within an organization.

Medical and Health Services Manager: $91,300

Medical and Health Services Managers direct and supervise business activities at healthcare organizations such as nursing homes or rehabilitation facilities.

Management Analyst: $85,260

Management Analysts set up organizational structures using data and metrics to prepare strategies for short-term and long-term goals.

What is the Best Way to Achieve a Business Degree?

For the adult learner in today’s modern world, pursuing a higher education can be a challenge. The rigorous demands of brick-and-mortar universities may not be feasible for students with existing careers and family obligations. For those with busy schedules, flexibility can be vital in making or breaking an educational experience.

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University of Phoenix Can Help

University of Phoenix designed its educational process to overcome the common obstacles of the adult learner. The University’s Bachelor of Science in Business degree, for example, is presented in a completely online format.

The degree consists of 40 virtual courses that applicants complete in five-week intervals. These comprehensive courses provide graduates with a concrete understanding of business concepts such as marketing, finance and accounting, leadership and management, business law and ethics and organizational behavior. The curriculum includes six elective courses that students can use to explore different interests and customize their path.

To take your education even further, University of Phoenix also offers an affordable, online Master of Business Administration program. Most students complete their MBA degree in 18 months. With an MBA, students can customize their path by selecting elective courses. In addition to the MBA coursework, students can earn a graduate certificate in additional fields, creating a degree that is unique to each individual’s goals. Students can choose to specialize in Finance, Marketing, Healthcare Management, Project Management or Human Resource Management.

On top of their educational degrees, University of Phoenix offers Career Services for Life™, a program that surpasses graduation, offering students and graduates a lifetime of access to their career resources. To explore the benefits of this program, visit https://www.phoenix.edu/career-services.html.

About University of Phoenix

Founded in 1976 by John Sperling, Ph.D., University of Phoenix is an online higher-learning institution that caters to the needs of the modern adult student. Through an instructional framework developed by practitioner instructors, University of Phoenix provides flexible access to quality education with the resources and support each student needs to succeed.

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