Discover the Everlasting Comfort Difference & How it Can Transform Working From Home

The world has changed a lot over recent years, and one of the most prominent changes has been the number of people that now work from home. Thanks to advancements in technology, and the increased access to communication that the internet has provided, millions of people find that they can put in a full work week without stepping foot in the office.

In fact, roughly 25-30% of the global work population was estimated to be working from home by the end of 2021 alone. One of the biggest benefits and challenges of working from home is the issue of comfort. 

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How to Make Working From Home Successful 

When you get to work from home, you have access to all kinds of perks – like getting to stay in comfy clothes, avoiding the traffic, and generally being more relaxed than in a formal setting. But what about the fact that now you’ll be spending double the amount of time you thought you would be at home? Is your home set up to help you succeed as a professional? What goes into creating an environment that will help you be a better employee and reach your performance goals when you work from home?

Thankfully, there’s one simple answer to helping you get the most out of working from home, and that’s comfort. Making sure that your home is fully equipped with the right kinds of tools to help facilitate long work hours, can help to create a space of focus, and proficiency. By investing in comfort items specifically designed to help transform your work-from-home experience, you can actually help to negate the burnout that can result from working remotely. 

The truth is, when you work remotely you can end up spending enormous amounts of time inside your house, so invest in tools that will help make that time productive. One of the most powerful tools you can use to transform your work-from-home experience is the catalog of comfort items from Everlasting Comfort. These highly rated, and incredibly crafted items are designed to bring your comfort, focus, and energy throughout your workday. 

Here is everything you need to know to discover the Everlasting Comfort difference when it comes to empowering your home with comfort items that will transform your work experience. 

How Can Posture Improve Your Work Experience? 

One of the best things about coming home after a long day of work is sitting down on the couch and just relaxing for a bit. You put on your favorite comfy clothes, sit in your favorite chair and enjoy the break from your work world. 

But when you work from home, you always are around your favorite chair and your comfy clothes? This is where investing in tools that help to keep you in proper posture during your work from home days is a huge way to invest not only in your productivity but also in your long-term health. 

Just because you’ll be working from the kitchen table, or the desk in your room, doesn’t mean you can ignore how important posture is. Most people spend a third of their lives at work, and if you spend long hours in front of a computer, then it’s incredibly important to make sure you practice good posture. 

A Seat Cushion That Makes a Difference

One of Everlasting Comfort’s best-selling items is the memory foam coccyx seat cushion. This incredible cushion helps to align your lower back whether you use it in your office chair, or at the kitchen table. With a recommended design by orthopedic doctors, and made from high-quality memory foam, this tool can help to negate long-term back issues while providing incredible comfort and lower back support. 

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Bringing Focus Into the Air

Another powerful way to help transform your living space into a place of focus and productivity is through oil diffusers. Everlasting Comfort’s oil diffusers are one of the best ways to create an environment of calm, focus, and energy. 

With a 400ML capacity that can give you up to 13 hours of use, these incredible devices help to diffuse your favorite essential oils. Essential oils have been shown to have a wide variety of benefits. They can help to ease tension, increase focus, and even in some cases elevate mood. Not only that, but working at whisper-quiet decibels, this device can help you to stay focused with no distractions. 


Creating the perfect work environment at home is easier than you may think. Discovering the Everlasting Comfort difference is a powerful way to take your work-from-home experience and elevate it to the next level. With highly-rated, quality items designed to specifically enhance your comfort, you can’t go wrong by joining the hundreds of satisfied customers who have transformed their work environments with Everlasting Comfort. 


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