Debunking common myths about HOAs in Scottsdale

You are finally ready to invest in your dream home in Scottsdale and are now looking for advice. Your friends, family members, and colleagues may have many things to say. Some may even warn you against going for properties or choosing communities that are managed by homeowners’ associations. It often comes from a perspective where people assume that they would not enjoy the freedom in a community because the HOA is involved. Fortunately, that’s far from the truth. Many communities work with professional Scottsdale AZ HOA management companies, and there is absolutely no reason why your rights as a resident would be curtained. Here are some common myths about HOAs debunked for you. 

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Myth 1 – HOA rules are permanent

While residents are expected to follow the CC&Rs and other governing documents of the HOA, these rules are not permanent. If you are living in a community and believe that a rule is just not in sync with the law or must be reviewed for the benefit of residents, you can take steps and notify the board. Outdated rules can be changed as needed, and there are provisions for changing regulations that defy state or federal HOA laws. In other words, the board can amend the CC&Rs through voting. 

Myth 2 – Resident must pay unexplained fines and dues

People wrongly assume that they would have to pay anything and everything that the homeowners’ association demands. That is not entirely true. Yes, you are required to pay the dues for community maintenance and charges that are applicable to everyone, but the HOA cannot demand unexplained fees and fines. Does that mean that the HOA cannot fine residents? No. The HOA can fine residents when they violate the regulations and rules, and typically, the board or the management will send warnings before imposing a fine. 

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Myth 3 – You would enjoy your freedom as a resident

This is probably the biggest myth about homeowners’ associations. While the HOA is governed by rules, regulations, and CC&Rs, these provisions have been made to benefit the residents. It is for the greater good of the community, and you can expect the neighborhood to be a friendly, attractive place where residents live in harmony. If you still have your concerns about how you can use your property or the HOA rules, you can always discuss them in advance. 

HOAs are perfect for residents and prospective investors. Just make sure that you choose a good community in Scottsdale.