Car rental in Abu Dhabi – all tips and information

Do you want to book a rental car in Abu Dhabi? Here are the most important experiences and tips from reserving and picking up to dropping off.

There is hardly a better way to explore Abu Dhabi than by renting a car. Long-distance buses and railways also run, but you can also get to remote places by car, travel faster and you can freely choose breaks and stops. The rental car is also adapted to the arab roads, i.e. the steering wheel is on the right, the gear stick is on the left, etc.

This article explains what you should consider when booking a rental car.

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My tip: reserve the car when planning your trip from Dubai. This not only gives you the time to compare the car rental Abu Dhabi companies in peace, but you can also save money with most providers by paying in advance online . In my last spot checks, I came up with around 60 euros difference between immediate payment and payment on or after collection. It’s worth it and you can even wait for a cheap exchange rate in peace.

The airport is ideal as a rental car station . You may be able to save some money with a small car that you can pick up from a small local provider, but you have to get there after landing. You should save yourself this stress and the expenses for public transport at the beginning and end of your vacation.

VEHICLE CATEGORY: what is suitable for Abu Dhabi?

Of course, that depends on the number of people and the length of the route to be driven. Small cars are more manoeuvrable and easier to handle on single track roads on shorter day trips from a cottage without having to take luggage with you. The vehicle simply has more space on the road. In addition, the small cars are much cheaper and use less fuel.

However, if you value comfort, drive a lot from accommodation to accommodation and cover long distances, you will like a larger car. At least on our tours, the car then mutates into a moving base for excursions and photo shoots:

In addition, large cars have more tank capacity and thus a longer range, which gives a reassuring feeling, especially in the arab Highlands. Disadvantage: With large cars it is often tight on the small streets.

PRICE CALCULATION: What extra costs are there for a rental car?

In addition to the basic price for the vehicle class, additional costs may apply (all costs are approximate and exemplary, they of course vary with each provider):

  • Additional drivers
  • Deductible decrease
  • Additional days outside of the weekly rhythm
  • Fuel costs
  • Navigation device
  • Child seats

FERRIES: Is the rental car also insured on ships?

A question that comes up again and again: If I rent a rental car in Abu Dhabi, will it be insured on the ferry to the islands? Part of the uncertainty on this issue comes from the rather unclear responses and terms of car rental companies.

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PICK-UP OF RENTAL CARS: Check carefully when picking up

The easiest way of course is to pick up the rental car right at the airport. The service counters are usually still in the airport building – larger ones in their own small hall. There you first get the key and clarify the formalities. To be on the safe side, you should allow an hour for waiting at the counter and talking.

Returning THE RENTAL CAR: plan your time

The vacation is over, the plane is already waiting … At the end it is usually hectic. Nevertheless, you should plan enough time for the submission. I’ve already seen queues in the vehicle fleet when dropping off, and the final refueling process often takes more time than you think. Because the petrol stations at Edinburgh and Glasgow Airport are not particularly cheap. Nevertheless, they are often the best choice, as the rental car agreement states that the car should only be driven a maximum of 15 kilometers after refueling.

Rental car calculator

As an overview, I have integrated the rental car calculator from a partner program here. This price comparison includes a selection of providers with whom commission agreements exist. Means: If you book with it, I get a small commission. But it doesn’t get any more expensive for you.