Can You Post About Your Personal Injury Cases On Social Media?

Social media has changed the world for the past two decades. However, posting your personal injury cases can pose many legal challenges. Those who have pending personal injury cases should be aware of their consequences by posting them on social media. 

Specifically, if you post about your personal information and your profile is publicly accessible, it can negatively impact your case and could severely hurt the ability to receive compensation. The victim should contact a personal injury lawyer in Seattle to discuss their complications before it is too late. 

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Can you post about your personal injury cases on social media?

Whatever social media you use, which can be Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, or youtube, all you post, including your lawyer and the defendants in the lawsuit, are easily accessible to every person, including defendants in the lawsuit and their lawyers. Therefore, the lawyer on the other side can look at the information you provided and can throw doubts on your credibility.

Things to avoid posting on social media

Nowadays, private investigators and defense attorneys observe your social media to see what you are claiming and how you are living. An easy example can be if you claim that you have back pain, but observe that you are cycling, running, skateboarding, or skiing on social media, they might prove you wrong that you do not have any back injury. Here are some things that you must avoid posting on social media. 

  1. Avoid posting how much money you are spending. If you claim that you do not have money for medical costs and are spotted on social media, splurging at an expensive restaurant will not be a good idea.
  2. Do not post anything about activities that require a lot of physical exertion. Even if you have a good day and want to enjoy a short outing, the defense team will try to prove that you are not suffering from physical damage caused by an accident.

Before posting anything on social media, ask yourself if it is essential. Try to keep your personal details private for a bit of time. 

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Are social media posts discoverable or not? 

Social media or any other digital communications are discoverable typically. It means if the defendant asks for your social media handle, it would be too late to remove everything from your social media account. It is not a good time to post anything on social media or brags about the compensation you are receiving from the insurance company.

If you already have posted on social media, do not delete anything. Deleting anything from social media handles may lead to spoilation. Spoilation is an act of removing or destroying evidence relevant to litigation.

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