Best Tropical Indoor Plants To Grow In Your  Living Room

Wish to make your home feel like a lush, tropical paradise with plants, to be more specific- big plants or you can see a tree! A tree that lives, thrives and grows inside your living room and makes it look like a wonderland. Well, when looking  for large indoor plants for your living room it is important to ensure that you have tall enough ceilings to house sit comfortably and enough natural light to make it feel at home and to confirm, a dark corner of a room is not enough to keep them alive.  And if you are sure that you can easily let these tropical trees grow in your living room it is time you get home a young tree and let it adapt to your surroundings. Here are some giant tree-like plants that can grow indoors and add statement to your interiors. 

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Caesalpinia Plant: If you wish to add some jungle vibes to your living room, this is probably the best plant that grows up to about 6 inches tall and has leaves that naturally split when they mature. The plant requires bright indirect sunlight and high humidity to grow well. 

Dragon Tree: A mid-century plant with modern feels are usually tall and spindly. These plants can grow upto 10 feet indoors but they do not have straight vertical growth. The plant requires medium to bright and indirect sunlight and may tend to drop leaves when not kept in the light. 

Norfolk Island Pine: These plants resemble the Christmas tree and have much softer and delicate needles. These island pines require bright indirect sunlight and acidic soil to grow completely. These are great alternatives to a Christmas tree and look very beautiful when placed inside your living room. 

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Fishtail Palm: These plants feature lush, jagged -edge leaves, and are a bushy palm varietal that will transform every room into a tropical paradise. These plants require bright indirect sunlight and one needs to water them regularly and keep the soil moist for their maximum growth. 

Triangle Ficus: From the same genus as a classic rubber tree, these plants are very trendy but  hard to keep alive. With a highly unique triangular leaf and an open-air growth habit. The plant requires bright light and some humidity to grow well. 

Corn Plant: No, as the name suggests, this plant is surely not the corn crops that you see growing in the fields. This perfectly delightful palm-like silhouette has yellow-green striped leaves that immediately add style and statement to your interiors. This plant does not require much water but filtered sunlight is enough to keep them flourishing. 

If you wish to completely revamp your living room and wish to add all those tropical vibes, to your interiors, these plants are a perfect addition.