Best Logo Design & Branding Courses Online

Designing a logo is one of the key elements for branding and the new age tools have made this task easier than before. You can use a  logo maker or any specialized graphics tool to create stunning logo designs. Today there is no shortage of online courses if you are looking to learn logo design and branding. Some of these courses are even free of cost, all you need is the time and enthusiasm to learn. Each course is created by an expert from the industry. And an entire course addresses essentials design and branding.

As you choose a course, consider factors such as duration of the course, requirements to start the course, its cost, value as well as the content. Another key factor to check is if the course is subscription based as such courses mean that you will keep receiving updates, tips, etc and keep learning from the course.

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The Logocore Masterclass is one of the best online courses for both beginners and intermediate designers.   If you are looking to learn logo design or even use a comprehensive logo creator such as Adobe Illustrator, this course can help you master the basics. With this course, you can learn how to implement grids, vectorizing a logo, presentation of designs, creating a style guide and much more like building and understanding briefs, receiving feedback etc.

2.Logo Design Masterclass by Udemy

Logo Design Masterclass is a value-packed, in-depth online course if you are looking to learn logo design. The course is divided into 13 sections and 85 lectures which cover the essentials of conducting research for a logo design, formulating and creating sketches for logo designs and much more. Even for designers who prefer using a logo generator, this course helps them understand creating, editing and finalizing a logo with complex designs.

3.Skilledup Design Courses

Skilledup offers a variety of different courses for designers looking to pursue a career logo design, branding, and graphic design. Most of the courses are subscription based and offered at an average of 20$. You can get a reasonable and good quality course and start your learning journey without a hitch with Skilledup.

4.Logo Design Online Courses Bundle by  Skillshare

This course bundle is great for someone looking to learn the tips and tricks for logo designing. Beginners can also learn to create beautiful lettering which is great for creating a beauty logo. Skillshare has a plethora of online logo design courses such as mastering Illustrator, Circular Logo Design with Draplin, Logo Design with Grids andDesign Logo in Modern Style amongst others. The courses are designed by the industry experts and vary in both price and experience requirements.

5.Graphic Design Course by David Underwood

David Underwood, the design and media consultant teaches the essentials of good graphic design in this course from the University of Colorado. The course teaches how to use contrast, proximity, tension and repetition in design for professional reports, graphics, specialized designs such as cosmetic logos, business websites etc. In orderto take this course, you will need good presentation software such as MicrosoftPowerPoint or Apple Keynote.

6.Logo Design Training by Linkedin Learning

Earlier known as Lynda, the logo design courses offered by Linkedin Learning to cover an ahuge range of topics which benefit beginners as well as intermediate designers. Each course is curated with an aim to provide detailed knowledge and assistance to the student. You can start with a free one month trial and learn from the best names of the industry like Bill Gardner, Nigel French, Sean Adams and others.


7.Logo Design from Concept to Finish by Udemy

As the name suggests, the course takes students from start to finish in the process of designing a logo in Adobe Illustrator. The instructor Lindsay Marsh teaches you using screen capture and instructs on what she is doing in the software. During the course of the videos, she also teaches how to include font types, weights, and styles. This comes in handy when creating luxurious designs such as a beauty logo design, retail logos, etc.

8.Free Online Art and Logo Design Classes by CreativeLive

CreativeLive is a platform similar to that of skillshare as it offers a variety of online courses in the form of tutorials curated by the industry experts. The scope, duration, level of complexity and prices of these courses vary. If you are a business owner looking to create your own brand or cosmetic company logos CreativeLive offers the perfect opportunity to learn the essentials of logo design and branding. With these 8 best logo design and branding courses, tutorials and programs, learning about logo design and branding have become simpler and easier. Using the perfect course, a good tool, laptop or even a tablet and an internet connection, you can unlock the boundless knowledge available. And if you choose a course with an active forum, the learning becomes never-ending.