6 Best Free PDF Editors for Mac and Windows

So you are here to know the best free PDF editors and curious to know the best free PDF editors’ tools for both Mac and Windows devices.

There are many best free PDF editors available for Mac and best PDF editor for Windows devices. Many readers of techfordaily readers want to choose the right collection of best free PDF editors for Mac and Windows.

We have done research on the best collection of free PDF editors to satisfy readers demand. Based on the PDF editor tools features and functions we are presenting the Best 6 Free PDF Editor for Mac and Windows. Let’s get started

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Before running into the topic let’s discuss what is PDF? And what are the advantages of PDF?

The abbreviation for PDF defines Portable Document Format, which this application is used to view documents in a digital format and this type of format is developed and established by Adobe Company in 2008.

This application has become one of the most used for many functions in the professionally and personally for the users.

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There are many advantages by using pdf editors, where users can exact content and layout from all types of operating systems and can view in any devices or software. This pdf editor application is easy to create and the user can read by everyone.

The pdf application provides security features to some extent level of access to protect the text available inside the document, where it protects watermarks, passwords and useful signatures.


And in the mean, while best pdf can reduce the space of size and can compact them into a file which helps to save data in the operating system, it provides full control on the image quality. All of these elements can be combined within the same PDF file and organized as a report, a presentation or a portfolio.

The pdf format application enables the user to combine the various types of images, text, video graphics, and buttons etc. All of these elements can be united within the PDF format application and can control the things within the same and can generate a report as presented.

So many people are searching for best pdf editors and best free pdf editors for both Mac and Windows devices.  Here we are providing the best 6 pdf editor for Mac and Window.

Skim- The Best Free PDF Editor for Mac

Skim is one of the best free PDF editor/readers for Mac device and it is also named note-taker for Mac Operating System X. It is very effective in addressing PDFs due to its structure and design.

It includes several devices for editing PDF formats. By applying Skim, users can mark the highlighted text of your PDF, go to the record, and can make a screenshot.

Features of the best PDF editor (Skim)

  • Inspecting PDFs formats
  • Easily optimize the content
  • Highlighting relevant subject, covering single swipe mode
  • Easily create screenshots for clear evidence
  • Exploration utilizing a table of text, with visible records
  • Survey all your notes and history of highlights
  • The comfortable version in extensive screen
  • Providing powerful displays, within built transformations
  • Concentrate working a section bar

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PDFpenPro-The best PDF editor for Mac

PDFpenPro is one of the best PDF editors for Mach and it helps to add text and digital signatures and let u correct the text when errors of spell mistakes, it helps to scan documents and more.

It consists of more features that are more powerful to edit the PDF in a custom manner. There is a features and functions to export the PDF format file in .docx format, .xlsx and .pptx

Features of the best PDF editor (PDFpenPro)

  • Mark up documents with highlighting, and strikethrough
  • Documents can be highlighted and can be underlined
  • Can add document, pictures, and signs to PDF format
  • Accurate text in innovative PDF with editable text pieces
  • Influence, resize, duplicate and eliminate models in innovative PDF
  • Helps to copy the rich text and can easily paste in custom fonts and formats
  • Helps to edit, add and review the extract files combines with notes
  • Recording and playback audio explanations

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PDFescape Editor- The best PDF editor for Mac

It is one of the best free editors among other software tools and it is an easy and effective design to edit PDF files and it can be easily connected with all applications such as Open Office.

This combination can be employed within a dedicated online gateway while the premium account can be downloaded to experience a comprehensive array of powerful features.

Features of the best PDF editor (PDFescape)

  • Easily can edit PDF documents
  • Easily can add notes on PDF files
  • Generate print with a simple tap
  • Build New PDF Applications
  • Build Secure password to safeguard files
  • A simple way to Share PDF files online
  • Inspect PDF Files





PDFelement-  The best PDF editor for Windows

PDFelement is one of the tops and best online PDF editor tool providing the best functions in the Windows devices. It is a reliable option for other tools, which has been extensively considered as the business model when it appears to PDF editing.

The good thing is that this excellent PDF reader and editor have the option for a free trial that appears with essential PDF editing extracts.

Features of the best PDF editor (PDFelement)

  • It saves a lot of time with the simple interface
  • Worthy for money
  • Users can attempt it with a free trial.
  • Its easy design presents a user-friendly system.
  • It is achieved with secure features
  • Can easily edit or add text
  • Easily blend or even divided the PDF data.
  • It is remarkably simple to work.

Foxit Phantom PDF-The Best PDF Editor for Windows

This is one of the best and top free PDF editors for windows and it has the capacity to handle the merging and splitting PDF formats. Users can convert and transform the PDF formats to other formats such as Excel and ppt formats. It has a free trial version for 14 days validity and users can utilize it and operated with OCR function and can even scan the PDFs.

Features of the best PDF editor (Foxit Phantom)

  • Adds a helpful collection of innovations
  • Connects PDF implicit printer
  • Information on support
  • Perfectly composed interface
  • Excellent security benefits
  • Devise PDFs Office texts





AbleWord- The best PDF editor for Windows

This is one of the free best PDF editor and reader software for windows system. The system functions with the help of a text processor that allows a user to edit text or document easily similar like Ms. Word.

It helps to reformat pictures, add or correct headers and footers, and reports, including spell checks. The most beneficial for a user is it can supports to use some word features and in easy operating.

Features of the best PDF editor (AbleWord)

  • Helps to Processing word and PDF Editor
  • Proficient to read and write text formats
  • It is completely highlighted, helping image formatting
  • Features are simple to learn to edit
  • Allow more distinct updates or added features

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6 Best Free PDF Editor for Mac and Windows Conclusion

The complete list of the 6 Best free PDF Editors for both Mac and Windows. Comment in the below to know more best free PDF editors for Mac and Windows.

The above mentioned are 6 best PDF editors for Windows and Mac. Users can choose the best one and can download those PDF editing tools for easy. Analyze and decide the best PDF editor for Windows and Mac as per your requirements.