Automate Salary Slips and Save Time for Your Business


Every employer has to provide a salary slip, generally known as a payslip, to his or her employees. Conventionally, employers used to give a hard copy of the salary slips to their staff while keeping the original copy for themselves.

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Automation of Salary Slips

Many organizations still follow this tiresome and outdated method of issuing a hard copy of the salary slips. This procedure is not only troublesome and time-consuming but also makes it very tough for the employer to keep all the records in a manner that is accessible and safe. This is the reason why many employers have now started providing online salary slips to their staff. Providing your staff with online salary slips is known as automation of salary slips. Online stores such as Apni Dukaan Online have made their presence felt in the online world. Such stores are growing with time and offer customers the luxury to shop grocery items from the comfort of their homes.

An online salary slip offers a lot of advantages to both the employer as well as the employee. With online salary slips, an employer is able to keep track of the expenses, and it also saves time for the company’s finance department making; thus, making the company more efficient. 

Salary slips also assist in income tax planning as it is an important document, and this is why it must be kept secure and safe. 

Moving to an automated and digital platform for creating online salary slips for employees also gives an organization or a company a competitive advantage. The fact is that companies or organizations that overlook the need of adopting technology and moving with times eventually fail. Thus, it is a matter of being more efficient and the need to keep your staff up-to-date with the advances in technology to emerge as a leader in the industry. Stores such as Apni Dukaan Online are a great example of organizations that have adapted to the digital world, as they have their online grocery stores which serve the needs of customers with just a few clicks.

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Benefits of Automating Salary Slips

Online salary slips are generally referred to as “e-payslips”. E-payslips offer a lot of benefits to both the employer and the employee. Some of them are:

  • Cost-Effective: A printed salary slip has printing and postage costs associated with it. Also, to keep those slips secure and safe, an organization has to maintain numerous files that incur added costs every month. An online salary slip can be sent easily through e-mails, and this can help prevent unnecessary expenses. 
  • Time-saving and Easily Accessible: The whole process of giving out a hard copy of salary slips to each employee is a very time-consuming process. They need to be printed, posted, arranged, and stored in a specific order. Also, to find a particular salary slip of a particular employee through the numerous files is a cumbersome task. Automated slips save time as they are automatically stored in web servers and easily accessed as and when required.
  • Highly Secured: Having an automated salary slip process is highly secure as theft of online slips is not possible. They cannot be misplaced, and online documents are not perishable and stored safely in highly secure web servers. 
  • Environment Friendly: A hard copy of salary slips means printed papers. It is essential to understand that each person needs to do his/her bit for the environment. With automated salary slips, employers can save the paper which is wasted in printing salary slips.

How can you Automate Salary Slips?

If you want to start automating salary slips for employees, it is very easy to do. You can download any salary slip app from the internet. Train your staff with some basic skills, such as sending mails, saving documents, and making a copy of files, and so on. 

Summing up

It is recommended to begin with a basic app that does not involve any cost and then slowly change to a professional and paid salary slip app.