An In-Depth Comparison on the Mazda CX5 and Toyota RAV4

Both the Mazda and Toyota Company have manufactured different cars that have turned out to be the best in the industry. Before a vehicle manufacturing company releases another model, assessing the previous one is always done for the professionals to understand the specs that they need to include or improve on in the new model. This is what helps distinguish the different models that a company has. Before purchasing a car, it is essential to research all the specs, have a budget, take the car on a ride test, and rely on a trusted dealer. This is to ensure that you purchase a vehicle that matches the value for your money and the interests you have. If you are interested in buying a car and torn between the Mazda cx5 and Toyota Rav4, here are some of the differences that would help you make a decision.

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  1. Engine and performance

The outgoing Mazda model’s engine had a 2.0-liter cylinder, whereby the new cx5 has a 2.5-liter four-cylinder. The Rav4’s engine is said to be the best compared to the Mazda cx5. This is because the Toyota model is equipped with 176 horsepower. This is what distinguishes the driving speeds that both have. With a driving test taken out on the two models, the Mazda cx5 found it hard to go up a mountain compared to the Toyota Rav4 when the gear transmission was on the same level. When purchasing the two cars, it is ensured to request a test drive. Whatever you will conclude from their transmission will convince you whether to acquire either of them.

  1. Safety

The Mazda cx5 has an automatic braking system which comes with pedestrian detection. This is best applicable, especially when driving on the busiest roads. It has a cruise control system where the car is controlled with the stop and go options that you can easily change on your own. This model has a lane-keeping system that notifies you when an oncoming vehicle wants to shift to your lane. It has a high beam control that adjusts according to the weather, therefore, giving sight safety to other drivers on the road. On the other side, the Toyota rav4 is equipped with front-impact, side-impact, and overhead impact airbags that help protect in case of an accident. This model also has abs brakes and the best stability control, which is well-matched from the tires. The seat belt is also modified such that they offer the best comfort and safety to the occupants.

  1. Mileage

The Mazda cx5 has a better mileage compared to the Toyota rav4, therefore, making it fuel economic. The best way to make your Mazda model consume a reasonable amount of fuel is by developing good driving habits. This is by avoiding quick acceleration and maintaining the required tire pressure. It is important to note that in used cars with a mileage that surpasses 100000, having a mechanic check on essential features such as the clutch, tires, and brake pads are always crucial. This is to avoid them being repaired now and then, which leads to consistent breaking down of the car.

  1. Weight details

The weight information of a car determines its performance in very many different ways. For example, the tire pressure and the vehicle’s stability are generated by the alignment of the tires. These Mazda cx5 internal specs have no impact on the car’s activity, whereas the Toyota rav4 tends to have much weight, hence the big appearance. Loading the Toyota brand with more cargo weight would lead to a slow response of the car, therefore, reduces the speed. Always consider the car’s weight before having new tires on it or before you add on any additional external weight.

  1. Transmission

The Mazda cx5 has a six-speed transmission which is the best for its engine. The model has manual shift modes that help to improve the performance of the car. The Toyota rav4 can go up to 25000 miles which is easy to work with and manage. It is always recommended for car buyers to go for a car with higher mileage. There are different ways that you can maintain and improve the mileage of your vehicle.

  • Losing unnecessary weight from your car
  • Do not keep the engine running with no activity
  • Switching to a higher gear without tampering with the car’s engine
  • Combine trips to save the fuel
  • Keep the tire pressure on the point
  1. Technology and interior features

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The Mazda cx5 has the most fantastic interior features

  • Voice commands are best applicable to alert the driver of an emergency or anything else to be cautious about.
  • A rearview camera that warns you not to collide with an object from the back. This may be when reversing your car or taking a different turn
  • The best air conditioning vents to help keep the interior environment at the best temperature conducive for the occupants.

The Toyota rav4 also has a digital rearview camera that guides the driver before engaging in motion. The model also has a parking assist system which helps the driver to be cautious of any collision from the front. For more independent Toyota RAV4 reviews, head on to Car Expert. 

  1. Value

By assessing all the important specs of a car model, the big question should be, how does the vehicle offer value to my money? With the many features that the Mazda cx5 offers to car owners, it will probably remain valuable in the next five years, making it best preferred to other models. On the other hand, the Toyota brand models are known to hold their value for quite a recognized period. For example, the art of the Toyota Rav 4 to sustain itself with the same fuel consumption compared to Mazda makes it the best.

The Mazda cx5 and Toyota rav4 have different specs that make them remain the best-preferred market. However, assessing these features will help you decide based on the kind of budget you have. The specs should be friendly when it comes to the care and maintenance of the car. Both new and used car buyers should practice this.