All You Need to Know About Semi-truck traffic collision

Highways are often crowded with many big wheelers and commercial vehicles, so the slightest of errors by the drivers or negligence can have disastrous consequences. Semi-Truck accidents claims are much more complex than typical car accident claims. So, it is better to not handle the case on your own.

For every kind of semi-truck accident, a lawyer should be consulted. Some factors to consider are:

  • Did someone else cause your traffic collision?
  • Have you suffered injuries?
  • Do you need medical treatment?
  • Are you unable to return to work?

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Why are semi-truck accidents more complicated?

There are many reasons why truck accidents are not like other car accidents on the road. The reasons are:

  • Injuries:

The injuries that are caused by trucks are more severe. It is important to understand the nature of injuries before filling the form. Consider things like how long it will take to recover, how much it will cost.

  • Liability:

Determining liability after an accident is complex, but this is amplified after a truck accident. After a truck crash, any number of parties may be liable.

  • Company roadblocks:

There several pieces of evidence an attorney will collect after a truck collision. It includes logbooks and employment records from the trucking company.

  • State and federal law:

There a many state and federal laws governing truck companies. When truck and car drivers do not abide by these it is considered negligence.

Benefits of hiring a truck accident lawyer:

After a truck collision, it is important to consult the insurance company. However, some of the benefits while working with an attorney are:

  • Experience determining liability and identifying all potential sources of compensation
  • Ability to document all current and future damages related to your injury to ensure a maximum compensation
  • Strong strategies to take on insurance companies, defence lawyers, and trucking companies to prove your claim
  • Aggressive negotiation skills and experience in the courtroom

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Evidence to be used in a truck Collison case:

Some of the most important evidence to be used in truck collision cases are:

  • The police report/testimony from the responding officer
  • Black box data from the truck
  • Hours of service logs
  • Other logbooks, such as maintenance and inspection logbooks
  • Photos of the traffic collision scene
  • Eyewitness statements
  • Expert testimony, including traffic collision reconstruction specialist testimony
  • Medical records to prove the full extent of damages

There are many types of compensation, referred to as damages that may be awarded in a truck traffic accident. This includes:

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of earning capacity
  • Emotional distress
  • Loss of household services
  • Loss of consortium


This article tells how to deal with the truck traffic collision. The importance of consulting an attorney. After a truck accident, people get severe injuries that are not only painful but expensive to treat. An experienced lawyer may help a person to demand compensation to heal. Lawyers can be helpful to hold truck drivers, trucking companies, and other parties to be held accountable. The benefits of hiring a lawyer include: aggressive negotiating skills and experience in the courtroom, strong strategies to take on insurance companies, and they can easily go through all the documentation for maximum compensation.