All That You Wanted to Know About Wall Mount Fans

If you have a relatively smaller room in your home/office or a room with a low ceiling, you would probably know how difficult it is to install a ceiling fan in that room. The only option you are left with is a wall mount fan that takes up less space and still gives you the same air delivery and efficiency as a ceiling fan. And that’s not it. Wall mount fans are also used for those big rooms where ceiling fans cannot provide adequate air. Installing a wall mount fan can help you ensure that even the most far off corners in a room get ample air delivery. That said, in this post we discuss all that one should know about wall fan price, before they buy one. 

Here’s Why a Wall Mount Fan is a Must For Every Home

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Wall mount fans besides being a necessity for smaller rooms, also serve the following purpose. 

  • They help maintain adequate air circulation and ventilation in the kitchen and bathrooms. 
  • They help get rid of the stale air and moisture in a room.
  • They are easy to clean as compared to a ceiling fan.
  • Wall mount fans have the oscillation feature that helps circulate air to all parts of the room. In case you want to direct the air in a particular direction, even that can be achieved by simply turning off the oscillation feature.
  • They are energy efficient. Some of the low-speed fans from reputable brands like Luminous consume power as low as 55W.
  • Wall mount fans can be used with an air conditioner to boost the AC’s cooling capacity.
  • The customized wall fans are specially designed to go with a home’s decor.
  • They are easy to install, and therefore, you can easily shift them from one wall to another, whenever required.

Also, you can prefer Clock Oscillators which is very essential parts of electrical equipment.

Tips for Choosing the Right Wall Mount Fan

Okay, so now if you are convinced about buying a wall mount fan, here are a few things to keep in mind before you buy one.

  • Your Room Size

To choose the right wall mount fan, you need to be sure of your room size. This will help you select the fan with the right blade sweep and air delivery.

  • Fan Speed

The speed of a wall mount fan is measured in RPM (rotations per minute). Most wall fans come with a speed control option that gives them the option to choose between low, medium and high speed.

  • Power Consumption

Go with a wall mount fan that consumes less power, but gives adequate air flow. To find out which fan is energy efficient and high in terms of air delivery checkout the specifications section of the fan’s brochure.

  • Additional Features

Some fans come with a remote. Similarly, not all wall mount fans may come with the oscillation feature. You need to check out what additional features the fan has to offer.

  • Build Quality

This is a very important factor to consider when buying a wall mount fan. If you want to buy a high quality fan, go with a reputable brand like Luminous. The company offers fans made of high grade engineering plastic that gives the fan a classy look, that too without compromising on performance.

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Places Where You Can Spot a Wall Mount Fan

  • Bathroom
  • Kitchen
  • Storage Room
  • Garage
  • Party Hall
  • Gymnasium
  • Warehouse
  • Railway Station

Want to Buy a Wall Mount Fan?

If you want to buy a wall mount fan, but are unsure about where to start, go with a customer centric brand like Luminous. The company offers the best quality wall fans and that too at competitive rates which means you don’t have to worry about the wall fan price. Fans from Luminous are thoughtfully created both in terms of aesthetics and performance. Wall mount fans from Luminous come with aerodynamically engineered blades that provide wider airflow. Also, the motor installed in these fans is powerful, yet energy efficient.