A look at how game-based e-learning solutions can boost the learning capabilities of the learners and their massive advantages?

Why game-based e-learning solutions?

Learning can be an interesting process if students can gain information from it and they can develop new skills. Also, learning is said to be productive when students can apply the learnt information in the real world scenario. However this doesn’t mean that learning has to be only in the form of rote memorisation. Instead, learning has to be ideally a process through which students can grasp knowledge and skills to solve real-life problems around them. This is something that is seen in games where certain tasks are allocated to the gamers and on completing those activities, gamers feel a sense of achievement and are motivated to play more. 

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Advantages of game-based e-learning solutions

Self-learning and confidence booster: One of the major obstacles for the teachers around the world while teaching the students is to keep their attention to what has been taught in class. Without any form of encouragement, students of a class may not be able to focus on what has been taught and hence they may fail to understand the concepts. It is a very well-known fact that an interesting, dull and boring classroom environment can kill a learner’s interest and may not motivate him to learn more. This is where gamification through game-based e-learning solutions can turn out to be a real boon, as it aids the learning by giving instant gratification as a sense of accomplishment arises in them which in turn helps them to understand the concepts and apply them.

Rewarding system: Game-based e-learning solutions are capable of offering high motivation to the learners based on the reward system. As the game progresses, the learners collect rewards. In this process, they end up acquiring a lot of knowledge, as they complete the learning tasks at each stage of the game. 

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Learning as per the convenience: The best aspect of the game-based e-learning solution is that the student has the liberty to choose when and what to learn at their time of convenience and their own pace. Imagine this, would a child be interested in playing a game if he is forced to do so or would he prefer to play a game of his own choice and at his own preferred time? The answer is that he will be interested in playing a game of his style and in his own time. Importantly, he would play a game of his choice with full enthusiasm and with full concentration. Similarly, a game-based e-learning solution helps a learner to study at home at his own preferred time and at his own pace, which enables him to learn the information quickly and thoroughly.

VKCL’s game-based e-learning solution

Implementing the above features, VK Creative Learning (VKCL) develops game-based e-learning solutions for school children and teachers which may help the learners to learn the concepts quickly and remember them. With more than a decade in the e-learning space and the best industry experts in the team, VKCL creates game-based e-learning solutions for schools, institutes, and universities. The best aspect of VKCL’s e-learning solutions is that it motivates the learners and creates curiosity in the students, which in turn helps them to learn and focus on real-life applications.